Sunday, December 30, 2007

In the UK chip goes for autistic pupils.

In the past 2 editions, we have seen serious efforts to forcefully implant the microchip. These include certain vulnerable segments of society with limited human rights status such as HIV patients (Papua), soldiers (USA), and Alzheimer patients (USA). In line with this trend is the report from the UK that children with autism, a brain development disorder that impairs social interaction and communication, are being chosen for a school scheme that tracks pupils using chips “embroidered into uniform jumpers with smart threads”. It’s amazing that such “intermediate step”, shy of direct chip implantation into skin, is still effective in making some people to doubt where exactly the chip is eventually heading for!
Sane voices like that of Margaret Morrissey, of the National Confederation of Parent Teacher
Associations, are however challenging the touted benefits of this chip tracking efforts. In her words:
“We are going down a dangerous road to do something that we have managed to do for years without these microchips. I have a lot of questions about what the benefits are going to be.” (Details at,,2216309,00.html)

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