Thursday, January 14, 2016

Time up for Islamism… and probably the rest of the world too

At last, just as eventually happened to the Nazis, Fascists, Communists, and other similar groups with grand ungodly ideas for world domination, ISIS winning streak – not being ordained by the Almighty God, is grinding to a halt.   On the battle field, ISIS is already beginning to lose grounds, beginning from the strategic city of Ramadi  to the Mosul Dam,  etc, demoralized ISIS soldiers and volunteers are deserting in droves.  The latest report says ISIS  has lost as much as 30% of its physical grounds.  
In the light of the economic assault finally agreed to by a desperate UN security council, together with the concession by Barack Obama that US Special Forces may now operate on the grounds at Iraq, Libya and elsewhere against ISIS, It seems quite reasonable to expect that the real war against ISIS has finally taken off.  And the outcome, even if not the exact duration, is sure.
       However, just like Nigeria is still grappling with remnants of Boko Haram terrorism (no longer insurgency, with the military victories already garnered, by God’s grace), the world still has the migration crisis provoked by the ISIS to deal with, in the several months, or perhaps years to come.
     Apart from the real possibility of ISIS lone-wolf cells and suicide bombers having massively infiltrated western nations in the guise of immigrants, there are problems associated with the “regular” immigrants themselves.    Here are multitudes of under-skilled desperate people, many separated from families, and loaded with considerable emotional problems, finding themselves in a strange culture and language. While mainstream Europeans are going out of their way to be accommodating to the immigrants, it is clear that sooner than later, the chickens will be coming home to roost and the bubble will burst.
      At the present time, the governments of Germany and other Western Europeans (not the Eastern!) are still sticking to their superior European ideals which they believe will soon tame their barbarous guests.  But we’ll see how long it takes them to begin to revert to measures they’ve long-criticised Israel for, and go beyond that to raw primitive actions – such as were recorded in the US during their mini-crises, such as the New Orleans flooding of (William Golding’s Lord of the flies shows just how long it could take a couple of innocent civilized British boys to turn to blood hounding savages – depending on prevailing environmental and spiritual conditions!
     At the press time, reports have it that about 1,000 men of “Arab and North African” origin (whose identity or domicile could not be positively confirmed) descended on downtown Cologne during the new year celebrations, committing mass sexual assaults including rapes on women.
     Understandably, the ordinary German citizens felt it must be the migrants, Stupid!  And tension is currently brewing.
     With similar stories emanating from Belgium, where a group of ‘Allahu Akbar’- yelling young men set fire to a Christmas tree on New Year eve in central Brussels; or Switzerland where immigrant muslims (since 2011) had actually been suggesting that the white cross on the country’s flag needed to be removed as a sign of recognition of the increasing diversity in the Swiss society; not to talk of Paris with the two raw incidents of terrorism last year, it is not difficult to see what the future portends.  Especially when the deteriorating economic situation is also factored in, it is going to be one big battle when the natives decide they have had enough and take matters into their own hands confronting the unruly immigrants!  A currently-developing situation in Burns, Oregon, US seems to have the same anti-islam undertone (see
     But it’s a fight the Islamists such as the Moslem Brotherhood and co, have long envisaged and prepared for.       The outcome is not going to be so predictable, and it’s not likely to be a child play. As one caption says, “we may not know the weapons WWIII will be fought with; but we know WWIV will be fought with bows and arrows!”
There is every indication that it would take a man of great cunning, diplomacy and charisma, to resolve or even diffuse the situation.  A man with sufficient sagacity to stave off even the currently imminent Arab-Israeli centred war (till Armageddon). Many thinking people believe such a man is waiting right in the wings to make his appearance. Perhaps in simultaneity with the Rapture of the Church – the entity that is currently “letting” and not allowing him full manifestation (see 2 Thess.2:6-7).
Yes, that man whose main feature would be opposing everything the Lord Jesus Christ stands for, is best known as the antichrist.

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