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This article was originally published on Tuesday, February 7, 2006 in Nigerian World (

THE article, Homosexuality And Its Enemies by well-known atheist philosopher from University of Lagos, Dr Douglas Anele (Vanguard January 29) probably does not deserve any rebuttal. The FG has made a firm declaration that Nigeria is not going to suffer gladly the bullying tactics of the international homosexuality advocacy groups, using the few local disciples they have laboured over the years to produce. And Nigerians, all across the socio-economic, ethnic and religious divide, have overwhelmingly responded to endorse the move of government as representing the mind of Nigerians, so why not graciously allow the steam-letting whining of the losing party?

The arguments marshaled by Dr Anele are the same time-worn points used all across the world, to justify the age-long practice of homosexuality. (And of course, they have also been used to justify the natural follow-ups to homosexuality: pedophilia, incest, bestiality, etc!). However, Dr Anele apparently thinks them to be original, and after copious use of abusive and foul language, (which again could be excused) opined that those standing against homosexuality in Nigeria are nothing but blind "hypocrites" who are incapable of informed reasoning. He even went on to specifically label the clergy as people who "merely indulge in lazy references to ancient superstitious beliefs contained in various religious texts." Perhaps such an arrogant vituperation should be answered, even if briefly, in the spirit of Proverbs 26:5!

The major point raised by Dr Anele is a lengthy argument which attempts to debunk the existence of two discrete genders, Male and Female; postulating rather a continuum, at which ends stand the male and female genders. In between, supposedly, are myriads of people whose hormonal compositions and desires could be such that despite their outward gonadal identification as either male or female, might be naturally drawn to burn with sexual passion for members of the same gender they are identified with. Not surprisingly, he appealed copiously to the theory of evolution to justify this tenuous dubious point. However just like the so-called "missing links" of Darwinian evolution theory have remained missing, Anele's 'gender-chimeras' exist only in his mind. Even though such continuum could conceivably exist in theory, the reality of life is that such myriads of intermediate states are simply not stable enough to exist in nature - that's one of the realities of the quantum nature of our world. Should such states ever find biological expression at all, they could only be transient phenomena. Advocates for homosexuality apparently are aware of this much, and it is clear to the rest of us that all their desperate life-and-death struggles are simply attempts to fan such embers wherever they might possibly exist, into the raging destructive flame of homosexuality. Dr Anele himself said this much in his conjectural:

'I conjecture that an "effeminate environment" for a male child in which masculine tendencies are not very pronounced would encourage such a child to tend towards feminine characteristics whilst a particularly "masculine family ambience" tends to encourage young female children to behave in a more or less masculine manner.'

Those familiar with the principles of physics will easily understand that homosexual advocates are merely trying to apply the principles of optical pumping (used in the Laser), to a psycho-social situation! The truth of the matter is that any tendency whatsoever (either negative as in psychopathic disorders or positive as in being generous and friendly) could be stirred up or inhibited as desired, according to the common good or otherwise they bring into society. This is what society mores and value systems are all about. The fruits of homosexuality in the larger society include no known good, but a long list of evil and destruction.

Yes, homosexuals are real people and their emotional mindset might indeed be validly modeled as described by Dr Anele, but there could be little contention that such people are the creation of homosexual advocacy groups, not nature. Despite massive research efforts, no Master gene responsible for homosexuality has been discovered. The article "The Innate-Immutable Argument Finds No Basis in Science" published by the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality ( ) quotes extensively leading homosexuals and researchers on homosexuality, admitting the fallacy of the theory that homosexuals are simply "born that way". On the other hand, several research efforts have clearly identified environmental factors as the major causes of homosexuality: factors such as early exposure to homosexuality through numerous TV programming, through direct homosexual assaults, or blatant invitation for children and youths to consider the homosexual/bi-sexual way of life during 'counselling', as several so-called reproductive rights NGOs in Nigeria are doing. Check for instance the website of one of them, Action Health Incorporated ( to see such encouragements and instant links to other resources worldwide all designed to lure our youths into the destructive inferno of homosexuality and other sexual perversion.

Such efforts at engineering the environment in favour of homosexuality are clearly discernible in some of the other points raised by Dr Anele in his article. For instance, he could boldly assert (referring to uncited "emerging" anthropological findings, but firmly ignoring the Holy Bible - at least as an anthropological reference) that the institution of marriage is actually just another product of evolution and has nothing to do with the Divine. Hence, in his opinion, not only must homosexual practices be condoned, even homosexual marriages must be applauded! But what exactly do homosexuals, who are already co-habiting with themselves, and who are notorious for the incredible number of sleeping partners they accumulate over the years, want to do with marriage? Of course, the obvious answers are, first to further promote the practice of sexual promiscuity that automatically goes with homosexuality (now the talk is about non-monogamous marriages, such as polyamory); to further accelerate the destruction of the institution of marriage by making it become totally meaningless; to give further visibility and respectability to the homosexual lifestyle; and most importantly, to facilitate the adoption of normal children who will, of course, be easily recruited into the homosexual lifestyle later in life and used to justify and sustain homosexuality in society.

This brings us to the crucial point of what to do about homosexuality. Personally, as a Christian, I have a commitment and responsibility to show love and understanding to the increasing number of people being caught in the web of this deadly disease. The question is what to do about it? Should we, as is being advocated by people like Dr Anele and the countless foreign-sponsored NGOs in our midst, embrace self-proclaimed homosexuals and give them the podium to continue with their campaign to infest the minds of our youths in particular, in their bid to attain their desired "critical mass" that will turn them into an unstoppable movement that would engulf the rest of us? This is already happening in South Africa which last December caved in and formally gave official recognition to homosexuality relationships. Or should we go ahead with the current widely applauded decision of the federal government to ban public practice and advocacy of this lifestyle - as was done in Uganda which last September effected a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage? The answer is clear enough, especially as the issue being addressed is not so much the right of individuals to do as they please in their closets, but rather the right of the majority to a decent and sane society!

Ordinary homosexuals deserve society's compassion and care. Distinction should be made between these hapless pawns and the militant advocates for homosexuality, just as distinction is being made between drug addicts and the barons. The existence of, and testimonies from, several groups of people cured of homosexuality confirm beyond rhetoric and empty philosophy that homosexuality is a disease of the mind which can be cured (see sites like organized by ex-homosexuals). Indeed, up till 1973, the American Psychiatrist Association in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-II) listed homosexuality as a mental disorder; and its removal from that list was mainly due to brute political pressure and bullying from homosexual members - not by any rational or scientific debate. Put another way then, the question we are addressing is whether or not people with psychiatric conditions as schizophrenia, depression etc be applauded and given the encouragement to publicly express themselves and possibly win converts of our kiths and kins?

Indeed, bullying is the hallmark of the homosexual advocacy groups, and it is quite like the Nigerian spirit, especially as is being demonstrated by the government of the day, not to cave in to bullies. In the United States and elsewhere, there are countless incidences of those coming out of homosexual lifestyle being muffled; seminars like the Love Won Out series (see which feature ex-homosexuals are picketed, and people who dare read or publish even Scriptural passages that address homosexuality are harassed and slammed with litigations. The undeniable fact however, is that there are possibly as many ex-homosexuals as there are homosexuals in the world. And a sizable portion of current homosexuals are desperately wishing for a way out. All these too have rights to express their desires and situations! And to receive proven treatments.

In concluding this brief article, it should be understood that fundamentally, the forthcoming law seeks to curtail not homosexuality per se, but rather the shameless vociferous advocacy for homosexuality. And as for the hogwash that homosexuality is native to Africa, the question is how much of the money for homosexuality advocacy originate from Africa? The Christian bi-monthly newsletter Church Arise, in its current edition documents that over 5 billion naira (tax-exempted) was sent in to Nigeria for homosexuality advocacy alone, from just one of several foreign donors alone, in its current funding cycle. (, or That is almost half of what the Federal Ministry of Information and National Orientation has to carry out all its activities and projects with in the coming year! (see That is why Nigerians must not consider it a fait accompli, that the proposed bill will come out in time and/or as conceived. We must all continue to show and express deep interest in this very important issue.
In the new bill the Ministry of Justice must not overlook requiring that the various NGOs advocating for homosexual lifestyle should redefine their mission statements or else loose their licence. The dubious Sexuality Education curriculum which has been smuggled into our educational system (right from primary school to tertiary institutions) should also be drastically overhauled to implement the various suggestions by various patriotic stakeholders or discontinued outrightly.
Dr Joshua Ojo teaches Physics at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. He publishes the Christian periodical, Church Arise (

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