Thursday, September 14, 2023

Here Comes COVID Phase 2: Will Society bite the bait again?

        Just as we noted in the last edition, COVID mandates are set for reappearance. This confirms just how vulnerable and gullible society is, in the hands of the manipulating globalists!

      The Epoch Times gives a quick summary of the situation in the United States: “Colleges are reinstituting their COVID mandates. Over 100 schools have put in place a vaccine mandate; a major Hollywood studio is bringing back mask mandates, contact tracing, and even mandatory COVID tests; and the federal government is buying up brand new COVID supplies in bulk, hiring advisers, and investing over a billion dollars in new vaccines.”  The mainstream media in that country are already hailing the moves!


      In Nigeria, the whistle to kick-off the “show” was apparently blown at the National Obstetric Fistula Centre, Abakaliki, in Ebonyi State. In a memo dated 22nd August, one Dr E.N. Yakubu, Head of Clinical Services at the Centre warned that COVID19 “is on the prowl again”. Without any attempt to substantiate, he described supposed symptoms as well as physiological pathways for what he called the new “wave” of COVID. He further suggested that “several” patients have been seen, many of who must have died since he was able to also report that the new strains were “more virulent and with a higher mortality rate” than the previous now-largely discredited pandemic. Dr Yakubu’s graphic descriptions of the “new wave” continue:

“There have been several patients without fever, without pain, but who report mild chest pneumonia on their X-rays. …..This means that the virus spreads and spreads directly to the lungs, causing acute respiratory stress caused by viral pneumonia. This explains why it has become sharp, more virulent, and deadly.”


     Dr Yakubu recommended “double face masks” and earnestly urged that the information be shared “as much as you can, especially with your friends."

     However, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has debunked the news of a new strain of COVID in Nigeria.  This is not surprising. Going by our past experience with COVID 1.0, we expect the NCDC to initially dowse the clearly sponsored alarmist reports by people like Dr Yakubu. After gaining public trust and recognition as the ultimate authority on the subject, we could expect the NCDC to start making appeals that the public make some little concessions on basic liberties for a limited time - as “precautionary measures” against some uncertain situation, or possibly just to simply “flatten the curve!”  Finally, fuelled by hyped reports from unscrupulous, short-sighted and treacherous media houses, the draconian lockdowns and crazy mandates would be unleashed!

    At the height of the last COVID debacle, the NCDC actually went as draconian as specifying not just length of time Churches could meet, but actual specific hours.  For instance at the new year eve 2021, Churches were allowed to meet and celebrate only on the condition that everything must close by 11.00pm.  As if to say COVID infections have specific operating hours!

     Barring some sovereign intervention by the almighty God, we can be 100% sure the NCDC would follow the scripts we have described above.  It is not only the Fistula Centre at Abakaliki that is sensitizing the public about a deadlier form of COVID, the World Health Organization itself has, since May, been warning that the next pandemic, “even deadlier” than COVID is right at the door.  And in preparation, the Organization has been fighting tooth and nail to revise existing regulations and acquire for herself the authority to prescribe responses which all nations must make in the event of such a pandemic.        

     Meanwhile the Russian government has officially asserted that COVID-19 was a planned event involving “Big Pharma and US Deep State actors”.  It also accused the official American government of   planting all over the world, illegal “dual use research” bio-laboratories.  Ironically, earlier in the month, an undercover Biolab for manipulating COVID was exposed in Reedley, California, USA. Oops!


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