Thursday, September 14, 2023

Bavarian Turtle Fossil Confounds Evolutionists


A new discovery of a foot-long marine turtle fossil was announced in central Bavaria, southern Germany in a PLoS ONE article published on July 26. Apart from the difficulty of explaining how fine details (including limbs, head, and carapace) could be exquisitely preserved  for an incredible  150 million years (supposedly), there’s the big problem for evolutionists to explain how come a marine specimen got to be fossilized in the midst of land organisms, birds, and plants! ICR’s Tim Clarey in his article of 21st August, pointed out that these facts are however, a piece of cake for creationists to explain.  Indeed, these are exactly what to expect in a catastrophic massive flood! Tim wrote:


”All fossils have to be buried rapidly and deep.3 And the tsunami waves of the Flood were violent enough to transport sea animals inland, mixing them with land animals and plants. The fast burial provided by transported lime muds during the Flood provide ideal conditions to preserve turtles, bird feathers, dinosaurs, and even delicate plants. In this scenario, there would be no opportunity for scavengers to consume these animals, as they would be buried, too.


Tim also went on to affirm that rather than a localized event, such flooding as apparently happened in Bavaria is actually part of a global event, covering the entire planet. Specifically, he was referring to the global Flood recorded in the Bible to have occurred in the days of Noah. He writes further:

“And this evidence for mixing of land and marine fossils is not an isolated occurrence. It is a worldwide phenomenon!4-8 In fact, most Upper Cretaceous dinosaurs in Europe are found in marine rocks, like chalk and limestone.8 This is just what would be expected in a global Flood with ocean waves crashing across the land, transporting marine animals inland and inundating everything together in the same layers of sediment.”


If this is indeed the case, it would completely invalidate the current conventional interpretation of the geological layers, the fossils they contain, and the ages attributed to them.  We might also point out that the very name of our city here at Ile-Ife, literally denotes the place where land, once-submerged, re-appeared from retreating waters. Suggesting that the global Flood certainly got here too!


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