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Monday  23rd August, when the first blatant step was taken to mandate COVID-19 vaccine in Nigeria happened to be the same day that the US Food and Drugs Agency announced the approval of the first vaccine ever for COVID-19.  And Nigeria’s NAFDAC has made it clear that all it will do is simply apply a dubious protocol called “Reliance” to repeat the same pronouncement made by a more “matured regulatory Agency” such as the US FDA.  Makes you wonder why we need the NAFDAC at all then!


Anyway, the US FDA vaccine is produced by Pfizer and has as brand name Comirnaty.  For some, this has taken care of the legal requirement that only an approved medical product can be at all mandated.


Not so fast!


On the one hand, the approval for Comirnaty does not apply to other vaccines, not even the Pfizer-Biotech vaccine produced by the same company, which is currently being administered in its millions under Emergency Use Authorization. Recall that in its Vaccine Passport scheme, the European Medicine Agency’s insisted that its approval for the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine produced under the brand name Vaxzevria in the UK and Asia was not applicable to the Covishield brand produced in India, and supplied to Africa!


On the other hand, Nigeria does not even have the Pfizer-Biotech EUA experimental vaccine, not to talk of the Comirnaty, which is being produced in very limited quantity, with the expectation that beguiled people will not notice the difference between it and the Pfizer-Biotech product.  The big issue is that the non-liability coverage of the latter does not apply to Comirnaty.  If people gullibly took Pfizer-Biotech vaccine (under a mandate that is applicable only to Comirnaty) and developed adverse response, nobody would be liable.  However if it is Comirnaty that they actually received as mandated, there would be room for numerous legal tussles which could prove damaging for the company Pfizer.  Hence Comirnaty has been produced in very limited quantity, insufficient even for the US market alone. 

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