Saturday, August 21, 2021


 Egg-heads at the University of Oxford, the brain behind AZ experimental vaccines, has conceded that herd immunity is a fleeting illusion that cannot ever be achieved for coronaviruses.  But we really don’t need any experts to tell us what is plainly evident.  We only have to look at countries that have well surpassed the most liberal thresholds for attainment of “herd immunity”, and their abysmal sorry COVID situation. Gibraltar has vaccinated over 100% (due to people coming from Spain), of her population, yet it is literally the COVID capital of the world.  They say it’s due to some new “variants of concern”. An endless futility indeed. 

BUT…. , This situation is exactly what we predicted before the flagoff of the mass vaccination exercise. It is called Antibody Dependent Enhancement/Pathogenic priming

Now, with the formal declaration of a “third wave”, a new phase of vaccination is set to commence in the country.  This time around all the major western experimental vaccines are in town. (Interestingly no one is talking again about the Russian vaccines, which were the first to be donated to Nigeria!). Current moves in Nigeria suggest the already “fully-vaccinated” loyalists would soon be called out for a third “booster” jab.

Whatever happens, our confidence that it is the counsel of the LORD that would eventually prevail is unflinching.  And we continue to earnestly place ourselves ready for His deployment as would be necessary to put the enemy in his place – under our feet.  Amen

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