Saturday, August 28, 2021



Without any doubt, the bombshell event in the closing week was the announcement by Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, that as from mid-September people would not be permitted to attend Church services unless they were….VACCINATED!  For good measure, he assured that detailed arrangement has been concluded with security forces to ensure full and diligent implementation of this “measure”.


This development is not only earth-shaking for the world of environment-health, but simply for every sphere of living in Nigeria.


First, it should be clear that this is not just an “Edo State” issue.  The globalists who wrote the scripts for Mr Governor in Edo, undoubtedly have similar scripts drafted for several other states in the Federation. They are simply testing the waters with Edo State. Some of our readers may recall that together with some of our coalition partners, LivingScience  submitted a Memorandum to the House of Representative in June last year, warning that the “spirit of mandatory vaccination” permeated the Bill they were considering at that time (HB 836), in its entirety. Many people thought we were being over-dramatic and that the idea was rather far-fetched.  Now the jury is in.  What the globalists couldn’t achieve at the legislature, they are attempting to push in through the executive arm of government.


People need to understand that mandating mRNA-based vaccine as a condition for joining a Church meeting is not in the same league as requiring people to use masks or social-distance.  These are external measures that essentially do not much harm – other than conditioning us for unquestionable obedience to even unsound and unproven totally opaque instructions as are thrown down at us.  As we wrote before, the annoying (and grossly unscientific) point here is that these measures are glossed over in other situations, but emphatically and rigorously emphasized for churches, creating the subtle impression that the Church is a special place for catching diseases rather than receiving reliefs.  Thus the Pastor is required to turn back people who came to Church without masks, even if those people had spent the previous hours in crowded classes or marketplaces, without masks; and probably came to Church using crowded public transportation!


But masking is still a reversible external action.  Vaccination is internal and it is irreversible!  It cannot therefore be lightly mandated.  And as we have documented in this column over the weeks, the products being mandated have big questions on the critical issues of safety and efficacy.  Furthermore being authorized only for Emergency or Investigational/Experimental Use, they cannot be lawfully mandated.


There is an even more basic question here.  Even if all Christians in Edo decide to go get a jab, does Mr Obaseki have enough dose for over two million people that would be asking for it, in the space of barely 2 weeks?  If you concluded that the measure announced by Mr Governor was not well thought-through, and is disdainful to the citizens, you wouldn’t be far from the truth!


PS.  Meanwhile, you are cordially invited to join our proposed national Press Conference to challenge the move by Governor Godwin Obaseki.  The Conference which is being organized together with other groups in a Coalition we belong to, will hold in Lagos early next week, and will be streamed online via Zoom.  The link will be sent to all our Partners.  Please pray along with us!

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