Saturday, August 21, 2021



The public health space continued to be totally overwhelmed with the COVID vaccine brouhaha.  Even with incredibly damning reports being churned out into the public space, advocates for the vaccine continue to push even harder to force it on every one of us, nevertheless.  In April, the tiny territory of Gibraltar achieved virtually 100% vaccination status for all inhabitants; and articles such as this ( endlessly hyped the so-called benefits.  However, it is open news that as at today 6th August, 2021,  barely three months later, Gibraltar has literally become the COVID-19 capital of the entire world.  A recent advisory from the US CDC blandly warned all Americans, vaccinated or not to stay off Gibraltar: “Because of the current situation in Gibraltar, even fully vaccinated travellers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants.” (

The story is hardly different in other countries with high vaccination status: Seychelles, Israel, UK, …  In the case of the UK, the previous hype was that COVID hospitalization is occurring more in unvaccinated citizens than vaccinated ones. But a pro-vaccination publication, citing a new government Report, recently conceded that the reverse is actually the case.  Interestingly, the erudite analyst has a complex academic explanation - featuring demographics and ball-bearing rainfall paradigms, for this situation. (The article has since been re-written, no longer based on the official government report, but on claims that a government official who addressed it, was misquoted)!  On the other hand, increased COVID-19 among the vaccinated is exactly what we predicted could happen, based on well-known phenomena such as Pathogenic Priming and Antibody-Dependent Enhancement.

In the meantime we continue to watch developments in the United States, where President Biden continues to lead the global campaign to make the experimental vaccine compulsory for all.  In the latest moves, he is requiring all federal workers in his country to get the jab as a condition for retaining their jobs!  In the private sector, CNN has announced the sack of 3 members of staff who came to office without having received the covid injection!  Of course the Workers Unions are not taking the directive lightly and rallies such as seen in Europe might be in the works.  Dicey days surely ahead!

As for us at the LivingScience Foundation stand, our position remains that Nigeria’s decisions and policies must be dictated by results produced by Nigerian professionals in Nigeria, rather than some one-size-fits-all directives spurned out by some global bodies.  For instance, the study by an eminent team of Nigerian scientists clearly indicated that COVID-19 is no serious threat if treated early with Ivermectin. (  Consequently, we cannot take lightly all the ongoing desperate efforts to mandate a clearly experimental medical product, and that with everyone officially asking to be indemnified of all liabilities.  The problem becomes totally intolerable when we realize that we are here talking about irreversibly toying with the basic codes governing the routine maintenance of our intricate wonderfully-made body  - mRNAs.

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