Friday, July 9, 2021

Yet, nobody, but the living God controls “tomorrow”!


The Bible says there is nothing hidden that will not be brought to light.  It is true that several experts (including many that we at LivingScience hold in great respect) continue to predict dire consequences for people who have received the experimental COVID vaccine. And it is equally true that we also currently have no scientific premise that could offer hope for any better outcome better than these dreadful outcome.  Yet, at LSF, our faith in the Creator is inexorably linked with our Science.  We hold it that nobody can rule it out that the LORD might indeed wish to provide a way out of the noose for already-vaxxed people.  For instance, at a time we all feared that COVID would indeed decimate the global population, out of the blues came hydroxychloroquine, followed by the silver bullet drug, Ivermectin.  If indeed the LORD would wish to provide a way out of the current quagmire, the LivingScience Foundation would wish to stay prepared at the frontlines to receive such strategies and be part of the solution.  That’s just the way we reason.  That’s why we exist.  We appreciate and sincerely thank our Partners who have been encouraging and supporting us on in this our peculiar calling.

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