Friday, July 9, 2021

Rising COVID “cases” in the UK, yet Covid measures being eased!


The COVID abracadabra continues ever more intriguingly.  Now, the UK affirms that COVID cases of various strains are rising, but in some complicated risk assessment analysis, they determine that COVID restrictions should be eased!  Masks are no more mandatory, neither is social distancing. And the concept of lockdown has become a total anathema!  How come? The reasoning, essentially, is that Summer is at the corner and the impact of sunlight in demolishing COVID is established beyond any reasonable doubts. Added to this is the admission that since the rising “cases” do not actually translate to disease and the hospitals are far from being swamped with COVID cases as predicted by the scary models, there is really no “hospitalization peak” that needed to be “flattened”.  People should therefore be rather encouraged to learn to live with the virus; and anyone who catches and develop COVID should avail themselves of the many effective treatment options available.   

The wonder in this development, of course, is that these are the very same reasoning that had been derided and castigated for so long! 

For instance LivingScience had reached these same conclusions much earlier in the COVID saga, where we pointed out the absurdity of equating “cases” with “disease”.  Why, each of us has more foreign microbe cells in our bodies than our own human cells. So why so much ado about the presence of yet another particle-organism, if it is not debilitating or life threatening?

And yes, all these favourable parameters, (sunshine, low hospitalization, and availability of effective treatment options) have always been present with us in Nigeria! While we indeed, did see videos of patients sleeping on the corridors at LUTH  due to lack of hospital beds, it had nothing to do with COVID!  And till date, according to the NCDC, the total COVID deaths in Nigeria (all cases – including with comorbidities, and those with fake, wrong, or even NO diagnosis), since February last year, tallies up to 2,122.  Every untimely death of course is tragic; but that’s how many people die and continue to die of diarrhea EVERY FIVE DAYS in this same country, chiefly for lack of potable water! Another 2,122 die EVERY THREE DAYS of air-transmissible tuberculosis yet no emergency has been declared concerning these preventable conditions.

So, as the abracadabra goes on, more stringent measures are being recommended for Africa even as things ease-up in Europe.  For instance, the President of Sierra Leone a few days ago came out to read the script he had been handed: declaring total lockdown in that country on account of COVID “third wave”.  We watch and see if the globalist taskmasters will dare come down here to Nigeria with similar evil script, as they are no doubt drooling to do.

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