Thursday, February 23, 2023

Church Arise!: Our Recommendations for the coming Presidential Poll (25-02-23)


Without any doubts, the 2023 Presidential election scheduled for Saturday 25th February promises to be one of the major milestones in Nigeria’s history.  Possibly in the same league as Israel’s exodus out of Egypt after generations-long enslavement.  It really could be that significant! 

In a nutshell, this election promises to preface the fulfilment of all those incredible prophecies by the likes of Pa Sydney G.Elton, Reinhard Bonnke, Lance Lambert, Benny Hinn and other non-indigenous prophets of God, of a brand new  Nigeria that would emerge after an extended period of  gross darkness. A new Nigeria that would play tremendously significant positive roles, globally, for the kingdom of God in the end times.

It is as clear as daylight, that the key issue of the moment is snatching power out of the hand of a tiny Cabal currently menacing Nigeria with their Fulanization Project. Obsessed with their supremacist goal of subordinating other nationalities in Nigeria to the Fulanis, these gangsters are content to play the stooge for their external patrons-puppeteers, the globalists who need to keep Nigeria distracted, destabilized, and exploited while their New World Order is installed upon the globe.

It’s really amazing that so many people could fail to see the clear handwriting: the ramped up persecution of Christians (including the massacre of worshippers at St Francis Cathedral, Owo, or the audacious public lynching and burning of Deborah Samuel in Sokoto);  the unrelenting vigorous clamour for Ruga; utter desperation to pass the nauseating Water resources control bill; the importation with impunity of Fulanis from all over West Africa and their prompt issuance with sensitive national documents (including the NIN and PVC); the lingering proposal for the revised Constitution to confer indigene status on anyone who has lived in any part of Nigeria for 10 years continuously (which will automatically legitimize the take-over of hundreds of villages and communities currently domiciled by Fulani “herdsmen”, while the sacked indigenous population continue to languish in various IDP camps in their millions); the closure of [most of] the nation’s land borders for two years, whereas the northern borders remained open/unmanned, permitting mass immigration of Fulanis in a desperate effort to change Nigeria’s demography; the emerging new narrative that “the North has the numbers” and does not have to respect any power-sharing pact with any other region of the Federation; coupled with a literally mad rush to canonize it all with a population Census, weeks to the end of the regime’s tenure!

And all of these are mere icing on the cake which, baked over the course of eight years, had seen virtually all the arms-bearing security agencies (military, police, intelligence, civil defense, customs, immigration, correctional, etc), together with all economic agencies (NNPC, IRS, Ports Authorities) and strategic social sectors (Education, Digital ID etc) all firmly in the hands of Fulanis. How then could anybody naively imagine that a people who have struggled and have successfully crafted out such an incredibly lopsided structure will now abruptly relinquish it all when it is just nearing completion?

If it had not been the LORD that has been on our side….!

That we have come thus far, with the realities of an election now starring us in the face is clearly evidence of God’s active intervention to date in the matter! Over the months, we have seen various other options projected but quietened by the LORD Himself.  It was clear that the audacious jail break in the nation’s capital eliciting zero response from the security forces, or the flagrant attacks on the Presidential convoy (following open threats that the President himself would be kidnapped), were only preparatory for more insidious actions.  Undoubtedly the unprecedented open operation of US military forces within Nigeria capital city (in cooperation with the DSS but flagrantly leaving out Nigeria’s military) gave credence that a Taliban-like  [Afghanistan] assault on Aso Rock was nipped in the bud possibly at the last minute. We could literally see the Fulani Cabal becoming jittery as they run out of options.  As at the present time, it is evident that the Cabal’s calculation of a legitimate win at the polls [which had encouraged them to suddenly put premium on “credible and transparent election”] is fast turning into a mirage.  Clear evidence of utter desperation is the engineered social disruptions including fuel scarcity and currency re-design. Indeed, until very recently, with the arrival of international election observers, the clamour for an interim government in lieu of the election was becoming deafening. 

But like God goaded Pharaoh to the sea and Haman to his gallows in order to give Israel irreversible victories, the scheming cabals have been led to the elections, and now, by God’s grace, a new Nigeria beckons.

Humanly speaking, candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT) would appear to be the one politician that is desperate, wily, and tough enough to take on the Fulani. Ordinarily, as we wrote during the Osun gubernatorial election last July, Church Arise! could very well have supported his legitimate ambition to rule the country, knowing he is capable of giving the Cabal a good run for their money. However it turned out that BAT would rather negotiate with the Fulanis to get a slice of power – literally at the expense of Nigeria’s glorious destiny, than side with the common man of Nigeria. [He probably is afraid of ending up another MKO].  Blatantly ignoring the rational voice of Nigerians (including the CAN and the PFN) that he pick a Christian running mate of his choice, BAT preferred to defer to the Cabal and chose another Moslem. And not just any moslem, but a Kassim Shetimma!

Now this is that Shetimma  that is totally tainted by his open fraternization with Boko Haram, and in whose tenure as governor of Borno state, 276 girls from the Christian Chibok Community were abducted by Jihadists in 2014. Almost 100 of the girls (now young ladies) still remain in custody of the terrorists till date.  This same man had the guts to announce on public TV that in the event of his becoming the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it has been settled that he, and not the President, would be directly in charge of the nation’s security!  It’s totally bewildering that we still have people who consider themselves as Christians, even Pastors, who are ardently campaigning to have this nightmarish scenario imposed on Nigeria!

But providentially, instead of Nigerians being constrained to choose between “the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” as widely expected,   a credible third force has been introduced into the fray!  On the Presidential ballot come Saturday 25th February, will be an inclusive, bridge-building, competent, credible and proven team!  It seems evident to us at Church Arise!, that the choice for every freedom-loving patriot on Saturday should be straightforward enough: Peter Obi!  And so, perhaps just for the records, we hereby humbly recommend the Obi-Datti pair for the discerning Church of the Lord Jesus, come February 25.

The presidential election may well not yield an easy, straight-forward outcome.  But it will certainly mark a significant step toward the taking away power from the Fulani cabal. If we will diligently persist along the path of righteousness, with a fixed heart trusting in the LORD, we shall surely find out that the Maker of the Heavens and the Earth is well able to complete whatever He began. There is absolutely no need to contemplate “doing evil so that good may result”. The LORD has determined to save Nigeria by His own power and wisdom - without our needing to fall back to BAT (or any of the several other well-meaning ethnic nationality champions).

So let’s all meet, peacefully and civilly, at the polling Units on Saturday; and trustingly leave the outcomes to God.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Shalom Aleichem!

Church Arise!

Ile-Ife, 23rd February, 2023

In loving memory of Deborah Yakubu Samuel (1999 - 2022)

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