Monday, February 26, 2018

Was WWIII averted in January?

On 12th January 2018 there was an alert to the public in Hawaii that a missile was on-route to the state. The text message sent to all cell phones emphasized that it was not just a drill, but they all had a few minutes to get into shelter somewhere.  Later, a whole 38 minutes later, it was explained as an error, and there was no missile.
Experts in security matters however consider such explanation absolute balderdash.  With a five- step process involving two humans and several cross-checking mechanisms, such mistakes just don’t happen.  To worsen the case, exactly the same situation repeated itself in Japan the very next day, as missiles were reported on-route the island nation.  It was also later ascribed to an error!
However, according to Dave Hodges of the Commonsense Show, there were indeed evidences that a missile was intercepted some 100 miles over Hawaii at about the time of the alert.  The suggested picture  then is that some rogue organizations indeed did send missiles to the US and Japan, with the expectation that the missiles would be attributed to North Korea and there you have the WWIII!.  The first World War was instigated with the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand in Sarajevo on June 28 1914 by the Black Hand secret society; while the United States was brought into the second World War by the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbour – encouraged and instigated by globalists seeking for global conflicts to shake the existing world order and introduce their desired new order.  For a list of such “false flag” operations – operations blamed on someone else to justify and implement some agenda, see
To buttress this scenario, attention is drawn to the recent forming of a joint hockey team by both North and South Korea, with the endorsement of China and the US.  It seems then that these major players are trying their best to avert nuclear confrontation, which doesn’t appear to be good news to the new world order players.  If this scenario is correct, then it’s a matter of time before the war-mongers eventually have their way. And the gullible public will not be able to spot any difference.  Conclusion of the matter: another line of evidence confirming that the world is now standing on just a leg.  Drastic events can pop up just about any time.  He who has ears, let them take heed and stay close to the blessed Redeemer, the Light of the World. (Jhn 8:12).  See details at

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