Saturday, September 28, 2013

Obama links US assistance on Boko Haram with “Human (Gay?) Rights”

In reaffirming his commitment to join forces with Nigeria to fight terrorism, President Obama at his meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria in New York on 23rd September, in typical diplomatic-speak, highlights two factors he considers central to the issue:  Economic opportunity and Human rights.
The former is a direct support of the thesis that lack of economic opportunity (and not politicians who threatened to make the nation ungovernable) is the root cause of Boko Haram insurgency  -  just as proposed by people like CBN governor Lamido Sanusi.  The latter factor probably refers to the outstanding issue on gay marriage and advocacy which Obama and company insist is core human rights.
According to the Readout from the Whitehouse after the meeting:  “The presidents reaffirmed their commitment to fighting terrorism, including the importance of bringing the insurgency in northern Nigeria to an end.  The President underscored the importance of combating terrorism via a comprehensive approach that creates economic opportunity and ensures that human rights are protected and respected. “ (
A third factor that was thrown in, has to do with the “the importance of ensuring that the upcoming elections in Nigeria are peaceful, transparent, and credible.”

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