Saturday, September 28, 2013

Graham Kendrik Joins The Anti-Israel Gangup At UK's Greenbelt Festival

It  ordinarily is no news that some virulently anti-semite Christian groups have over the years taken it upon themselves to lead the campaign for an economic assault on the Israeli nation.  Not minding the numerous opportunities (including citizenship) that Israel affords Arabs, and which no Jew could dream of  in any Arab country, this group insists that Israel is an apartheid country.  Worse still, they conveniently ignore the innumerable pure evils being perpetrated by Arab nations against their Christian minorities, in stark contrast to the situation in Israel.  Anyway, hoping to be able to re-engineer a socio-economic situation similar to what led to the fall of apartheid South Africa some 20 years ago,  these lackeys of the Palestinian Authority look forward to a speedy obliteration of  the State of Israel as a Jewish homeland and place of refuge. (see CA! Vol 12 No 3 or CA! Vol 14 No 4)
What is however new and sobering is the widening influence of this clearly misguided nominal Christians, within the Church.  At the recently concluded 40th edition of Greenbelt Festival in the UK, the respected songwriter and worship leader, Graham Kendrick, was the latest entrant into this league of anti-semite Christians. 
A favourable review of the Festival in ChurchTimes frankly reported the centrality of the middle-east question during the music festival.  According to the reviewer: “Anyone expecting a benign intro­duction to the politics of the Arab-Israeli conflict, on Friday evening would have been quickly disillu­sioned by Mark Braverman's rally­ing cry to the global Church to stand alongside what he sees as the "inevitable Palestinian liberation".  Other people that Graham Kendrick shared ministry platform with in battering Israel include characters such as Steve chalke and Lucy Winkett. 
Steve Chalke is infamous for his denial of the substitutionary atonement of Jesus Christ (Isa. 53), insisting that if Jesus died for our sins, God the Father is the quintessential cosmic "child abuser". The popular youth leader is also at the vanguard of drumming up support for same sex marriage among British Evangelicals. Lucy Winkett, is vicar at St. James Piccadilly, described by respected Bible teacher, Jacob Prasch, as,” a demonised haunt of New Age religion, neo-paganism and the occult garbed in the trappings of Anglican Christendom. “  Prasch’s full article, with extensive debunking of the false grounds on which the anti-Israel campaigns are based, can be found at

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