Wednesday, September 4, 2013


The mail pasted below from Christians United For Israel (CUFI) gives a picture of the grim situation in Israel as the American Congress looks set to endorsing President Obama's request for military intervention in Syria!

Tonight at sundown, Rosh Ha Shana —the Jewish new year— will begin. At family dinners in Israel and across the world, Jews will eat apples with honey to symbolize our prayers for a sweet year to come.
Yet for the Jews of Israel, the coming year is looking less than sweet.  This Rosh Ha Shana, Israel's Jews are not only bringing home apples and honey, but also gas masks.  And this Rosh Ha Shana, Israeli Jews are working not only on their new year’s resolutions, but also their "safe rooms" in which they will seek shelter in the case of a chemical attack.  
Why the concern?  Because as the U.S. ponders a strike against Syria, both Syria and Iran have threatened to retaliate not against America, but against Israel.  As the entire world now knows, Syria has chemical weapons and is willing to use them against civilians.  And beyond its own weapons stockpiles, Iran has an ally -- Hezbollah -- with enough missiles to strike every city in Israel.  
As the threats to Israel increase, we in CUFI need to do more and work harder.  And we will need your help to do so.  We ask that you join us in prayer for the safety of Israel and all her citizens. We ask that you join us in action during the course of the coming year to speak out for our front line ally at critical junctures. And we ask that you consider a gift to CUFI to help us make this coming year a sweeter one for Israel. 
David Brog
Executive Director
CUFI Rosh Ha Shana                              

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