Friday, May 22, 2009

Italian EarthQuake: Expert’s inconvenient warnings dismissed

“Reports of earthquakes from diverse places” is one of the signs the Lord Jesus said would precede His second coming (Mat. 24:7). Most prophecy journals (such as Church Arise!) have simply stopped reporting on incidences of earthquakes from diverse locations on earth due to the sheer number. However, the one that occurred in April, in Central Italy once again had urgent useful lessons for mankind.

Even more saddening than the loss of precious human lives (over 150 dead) is the refusal of relevant authorities to pay attention to the strident warnings of a qualified Italian scientist that the incident was imminent

Based on increasingly high levels of radon gas which he was measuring, Dr Gioacchino Giuliani (a seismologist at the Institute of Nuclear Physics at nearby Gran Sasso) was convinced of an imminent big tremor. However, not only was he ignored and derided by the relevant authorities, he was forced to remove his findings and comments which he had posted on his website. A few days to the incident, desperate to get the information out to the local folks, Dr Giuliani began to tour the region in a van with loudspeakers warning people. But even then, he was reported to the police by authorities for "needlessly spreading panic" .

On the morning of the big quake, a saddened Giuliani was quoted:
"This morning I could see what was about to happen and I could do nothing because I could not turn to anyone because I had been warned not to say anything about an earthquake.

"People had dismissed me as a crank and said terrible things about me. I was called an idiot and told that earthquakes just cannot be predicted.”

This easily brings to mind the Lord’s remark that the end times would be just like the days of Noah or Lot. People would not want to respond to warnings about danger, if they find the response required of them too inconvenient.

Unfortunately, the only way to escape from a disaster such as an earthquake is to ESCAPE. It is immaterial whether you are a “good” person or not.

Today, the Church continues to warn of an even greater danger looming for ALL. Experts from various fields of study continue to warn that the current world system is headed for a total collapse. The only way out is to enter the Ark of Salvation – Jesus.

“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved”
Acts 4:12

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