Friday, May 22, 2009

British Parliament cowers before Islamists

In what has been described as a new high for Islamic intimidation in the UK, the British Parliament quietly cancelled a scheduled visit by Dutch parliamentarian and film maker, Geert Wilders to show his factual but uncomplimentary film on Islam, Fitna.

Just as happened in the United States, a member of the House had invited Mr Wilder so the British lawmakers could have a first-hand assessment of what exactly was the problem fundamentalist moslems have with the film. However a Muslim member of the House of Lords, Nazir Ahmed, threatened he would mobilize 10,000 fellow Muslims to block Mr Wilders entrance into Westminster. And, very strangely, for the sake of “peace” perhaps, one of Western civilization's most venerable institutions, the British Parliament surrendered its own most basic of freedoms. The event was cancelled. For more details, please see

Incidentally, the man at the centre of this cowering of the British Parliament, Nazir Ahmed, had an on-going case with the law, having ploughed his jaguar car into a stationary vehicle and killing a young man in the process in 2007. Mr Ahmed admitted he was sending text messages on his phone, while cruising on the Motorway at the time of the accident. He was subsequently jailed for 12 weeks on Feb 26, but was released only 16 days after.

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