Thursday, February 28, 2008

Learning from current Natural Disasters

In addition to continually aggravating man-made disasters in the realm of morality as have been discussed elsewhere in this edition of CA!, the violent man-made disasters such as shootings at public places such as stores and schools are not abating either. Adding its own dimension to the end-time onslaught, is the fury of nature, releasing death and hardship on thousands. Recent examples include Bangladesh where a death toll of about 10,000 was feared in the cyclone incident last November
( while as many as a million people had to abandon their homes as floods swept through Mexico also last November.
Invariably, not only the “bad” and the “ugly”, but also the “good” and “innocent” ones are all alike affected by such incidents as these!
As we have pointed out before, we can at least learn a lesson from these terrible events: that the only way to avoid being a casualty is to remain alert, and escape while one may. The only Way of escape from the coming even more forceful upheavals on the world (cf the plagues in the book of Revelation), is the Lord Jesus Christ. No one may blame God, who fails to heed His warning and kind provision! (Heb 2:3, Luke 17:32)

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