Thursday, February 28, 2008

Global Warming: Man or Nature?

The issue of global warming is a highly charged one, with possibilities of having very serious impact on several areas of life - including environmental, political, and socio-economical aspects. Now, no one doubts that global temperature, on the average, has been witnessing some steady increase in recent time. The big issue is the claim, championed by Al Gore, that global warming is caused by man’s increasing use of technologies and products that emit the so-called green house gases, (mainly carbon dioxide), and which supposedly form a sort of blanket around the planet earth, thereby trapping heat and leading to increased global temperature.
If this is correct, then if governments of the world would co-operate and change technologies, products, and lifestyles, it might be possible to reverse the trend. But, the changes being advocated as necessary to accomplish this are nothing short of a dramatic jump into a different [New] World Order. Not just technologies and material changes are required, but a serious erosion of the sovereignty of individual nation-states is involved, as they are de facto, required to hand over vital decisions into the hands of the United Nations or its many affiliated non-governmental organizations NGOs. Failing to do this, the basic hypothesis of man’s lifestyle, attitude and technology being the driving force behind the increasing global temperature would mean a worsening situation with, as claimed by Al Gore, massive floods resulting from the melting of the world’s massive store of ice (the glaziers), increasing the volume of the seas, etc , etc!
Well, the UN quickly arose to drastically scale down the obvious exaggerations in the doomsday predictions of Mr Al Gore. Yet, the basic thesis published in the much touted IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report is that Man is the culprit behind Global Warming.
On the other side of the divide is the group that holds, very strongly also, that the global warming being currently witnessed is NOT caused by man, but rather by natural processes – in particular, changes in the sun’s activity. In this view, the amount of warming caused by green house gases is totally inconsequential, and the frenzied call for complete change in world governance and world order is just an unnecessary ruse. One such believer says he is unsure which is more arrogant: the claim that Man is responsible for impacting global temperature with his activities, or the claim that Man can do anything about reversing the temperature increase! To back up this opinion, data showing cycles of global warming and global chilling over the centuries have been cited. In short, in the opinion of this second school of thought, the current global warming is just a phase in the life of the planet, to which the planet will adjust naturally; and there is actually no cause for alarm!
The UN - Al Gore group however usually blackmails this second group as irresponsible world citizens who are being motivated either due to undue inertia, or pure greed (e.g. the automobile industries who are highly dependent on fossil fuel). But indeed the scientific evidences have kept piling up against the theory that Man is the cause of global warming.
For example, over the past few years several ancient maps have been discovered that picture Antarctica ice-free at least in part. One such map drawn by well-known French map-maker Oronteus Finaeus in 1531 is shown in the article by Allen Quist at Clearly, as at that date, long before any significant use of fossil fuel by Man on earth, the earth was obviously much warmer than it is today. This clearly means that global temperature change results from something other than carbon dioxide. Another data clearly show a relatively stable global temperature over the past decade, despite a whooping 4% increase in global emission of carbon dioxide. ( Apparently, it was to checkmate such growing bodies of scientific evidence that the Nobel Prize Committee hastily awarded last year’s Nobel peace Prize to Al Gore and the IPCC – precisely for the theory under contention!
Church Arise! has had much to write about Mr Al Gore and the Green movement in time past. We have further shown that the strategy to ushering in the so-called New World Order (code-name for the antichrist’s reign) is the creation and hyping of so-called “global problems” which presumably could only be solved by the inauguration of global governance. Such world problems include terrorism, plagues (cf HIV, bird flu, etc), and of course environmental issues such as ‘global warming’.
In recent times, yet more and more well-respected and distinguished scientists, from all over the world, are damning the protective cloak of scientific respectability conferred upon Al Gore’s theory, spitting scorn upon the theory. The US, probably stands to lose more than any other nation should forces of global governance gain ascendancy. It is therefore not surprising that the Senate of that country has released, last December, a report on the increasing number of influential and highly respected scientists who are challenging the IPCC’s claims that there is consensus among scientists as to the agreement that Global Warming is man-made. Please check out this blockbuster report at
Whatever conclusion anyone may wish to draw, it is now crystal clear, at the least, that no honest person can continue to claim that the world’s eminent scientists have reached a consensus position about the cause of, or solution for, global warming. Moreover, it is clear that the intense pressure to overlook the core scientific evidences is coming from the UN group, with its clear motivation to ushering in a New World Order, precisely as warned in the Scriptures centuries ago!
For further pros and cons reading, check http// as well as David Usher’s fact-laden article, Ice Age or Lie Age?

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