Thursday, February 28, 2008

Again Muslim riot claims 3 lives in Kano state, Nigeria.

For the third straight edition, it is our sad duty to once again report the cold blooded killing of our Christian brethren by so-called Islamic faithfuls in Northern Nigeria. After the mauling last October in which an indeterminable number of Christians (official figure of 9) were killed; with the response from the Christian Association of Nigeria nothing more than some feeble whimpers channeled through its secretary; with government responding through the VP at a Church service with a promise to set up yet another committee, etc etc, we warned that the Islamic goons can not miss the clear message that they are literally untouchable even in the face of crude hideous murder.
In this latest event, the AFP reports on Feb 9 that three people, including a police officer were killed by Muslim students, who were rioting over a Mohammed cartoon allegedly drawn by a Christian student.
The event occurred at Sumaila, 76 kilometres south of Kano city. This time around, the Muslim students were said to be protesting the resumption back to school of the Christian student who had earlier been suspended by school authorities for two weeks for the cartoon pasted on a wall inside the school.
Unlike the case of the young Christian evangelist who was forcibly retrieved from a police station and lynched in Izom, Niger State on June 28, 2006 (see Vol 9 No 4), the Police, at the divisional police station in Sumaila, successfully resisted the “hundreds of angry Muslim students” who demanded that the Christian student be released unto them for instant sharia justice.
Kano police chief Aminu Yesufu recounted the cost of the brave Police resistance: three people including a police inspector killed. Twenty others badly wounded (including the divisional police officer who suffered a deep machete cut to the head); while the police station itself and everything inside, including ammunition were burnt down by the “Allahu Akbar” chanting mob. A week earlier, on February 1, the Police had watched apparently helplessly as about 200 members of the private Sharia Police (Hisbah) took to the streets of Sabon Gari, the Christian area of Kano city, arresting scores of women indiscriminately on the allegation that they were prostitutes. This is despite a Supreme Court ruling last year declaring the operations of the Hisbah as unconstitutional. Whither the Rule of the Law?
A day after this rampage in Kano, hell was again let loose in nearby Shira Yana (Bauchi State), when Islamic youths similarly demanded that the police hand over another Christian lady for Sharia-prescribed lynching. In that situation, after several rejections, a desperate love-seeking Moslem had appealed to the young Christian lady in question to speak to him “in the name of the Messenger”. When the Christian girl responded that she knew no “messenger,” that was sufficient ground for an Islamic mob to attack her house the next day, on blasphemy charge, prompting her running to the police station for safety.
What happened at Sumaila is an indication of the herculean task the security agents had to confront. In self defence, the Police had to shoot into the mob, unfortunately fatally hitting one protester, before they could get them to disperse. However the Islamic crowd simply descended on private properties of policemen and Christians in town in an orgy of wild revenge! According to a report in Christian Today, “Around 1000 people were displaced, several critically wounded, and every church reportedly destroyed” in the resulting rampage. (
Recall that at least 10 Christians were killed in Bauchi state 2 weeks to the end of last year (see vol 10 no 6)!
The real nauseating aspect to all these, is that Moslem’s zeal for their Prophet and Scriptures seems to be only a superficial, exaggerated affair. As we reported in Vol 10 No 4, when two influential rival moslem groups engaged in a duel in Sokoto on July 19 last year, the first items they seized and burnt were copies of the Koran, these being the most treasured asset of their opponent! So for the umpteenth time we ask, how long will this continue? Until the law of the land is strictly applied there seems little respite in sight for our brethren living in Pergamos, “where the devil dwells”, literally! (see Rev 2:13)

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