Sunday, December 30, 2007


A big welcome to every child of God as you browse through this blog site!

I have been praying in the past week or so, about the idea of creating a blog for Church Arise! as a kind of more-easily managed medium for maintaining a presence at cyberspace, compared with website management. (By the grace of God, will also be put back on-line as soon as He enables us). So, just thought to close the evening by checking some basic tips on how to create a blog, and pronto, here we are!

Following the steps was so easy that I decided to straight away start the blog. For now, I have posted the articles in the current edition of Church Arise!

Hopefully, this format will enable easier interactions between us. Please, kindly spread the word about this blog.

Looking forward to a splendid New Year together, by His grace.


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