Sunday, December 30, 2007

Microchip-Mind connection no longer hushed information

A recent article, in Technology Review of Nov 12, describes latest improvements in the functionality of microchips implanted within the head of people with disabilities to enable them “move a computer cursor, move their wheelchair or jerkily pinch at something with a simple robotic clamp with nothing more than the power of their minds.
According to the article, Andrew Schwartz is trying to take that functionality to a new level, with the development by his research team of a robotic arm that is controlled by the mind of a monkey. “The arm is fully functional, unlike it’s simple predecessor. With it, the monkey can pick up food and feed itself by means of a neural implant in the motor cortex, the part of the brain that controls movement. Previous attempts have never allowed for such a wide range of motion or movement of fingers at the same time. It all looks so seamless.”
This article concludes that the technology will also benefit individuals who suffered a massive stroke on one side of their brain as the implanted device will help link the mind to both sides of the body, allowing them to regain control of the damaged side.
This development confirms our position that no efforts will be spared until the implanted chip is eventually embraced by a coerced or mesmerized public. The implanted chip, with its now no-longer-hidden connections with the mind, is one sure way the anti-christ will eventually control the world in his ultimate battle against the soon coming Lord Jesus Christ. Such a device is described in Rev 13:16-18 and called the “Mark of the Beast”. See previous editions of CA! for details of the link of such an implant not only with motion, but also with emotion in the implanted person.

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