Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cross dressing agenda vigorously being pushed in the US

With the wide acceptance of females dressing in trousers and pants already a fait-accompli in most parts of the world, the next efforts in the agenda of those who would blur the line between the genders is now the promotion of men to put on skirts and dresses. This is following hard on the heels of the string of successes already being achieved by the Movement in getting men to embrace what used to be considered female fashion – including earrings and braided hair. It’s all part of the abominable homosexual agenda which is already well established in the western world, as we have taken pains to report in several past editions of CA!
In a report by WND, Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air have announced a new Christmas bonanza, offering a 10% discount to passengers who book in through the gay page on the Airlines’ website. Not only that, “They are giving preferences to male passengers who want to wear dresses on the planes, and giving them preference over married couples.” (
The cross dressing agenda is rapidly taking firm foothold in the United States as attested to by the fact that even a leading Republican candidate, Rudy Giuliani is well-known to cross-dress at work and in other public places. Sometimes called “Julie Annie” on account of this behaviour, Mr Guliani is said to prefer “tight skirts, makeup, and a bushy blond wig”. Popular conservative TV preacher, Pat Robertson recently (Nov 8) endorsed Guliani for the presidency of the United States!,0,2060626.story?coll=la-politics-campaign
But this is not to say that cross dressing is not facing a good deal of opposition even in the US. As usual, the battle ground is the high school environment, where the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) has already developed a curriculum spanning kindergarten to the third grade, promoting cross-dressing (visit In addition, various cross-dressing events meant to blur the gender line, sponsored by various homosexual groups, are constantly being promoted. Such events come in various suggestive names, such as “Gender bender”, “Gender switch”, etc.
One such “Gender Switch cross dressing” event was announced at the Adam Middle School in Brentwood, CA, for Friday Nov. 2. With posters already fixed all over the Campus, students were required to come to school dressed as opposite sex. However, one outraged mother was able to garner enough support to force the school to cancel the event. (
Authorities at public schools in the Des Moines area, Iowa were however more determined. They refused to cancel their own “Gender Bender event”, slated as part of the celebrations of the centenary of schools in the area. Hundreds of aggrieved parents responded by withdrawing their children for homeschooling (
According to one livid parent, “Our children were [told] to participate in the cross-dressing. When they refused they were told they would get a bad grade...” As the saying goes, “Aluta Continua!”

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