Thursday, July 18, 2019



The Advocates for Freedom and Democracy (a coalition of 63 Christian groups, to which Church Arise! subscribes) is calling on the National Assembly of the Christian Association of Nigeria to investigate the allegations of massive bribery that accompanied the election of Rev Supo Ayokunle for a second term as the President of the CAN. (see letter below)


The National Assembly of the CAN is expected to meet today Thursday July 18 to either ratify or reject the election result.


Many spiritually-conscious individuals consider the unprecedented visit of a delegate from the Miyetti Allah (Cattle Breaders Association of Nigeria) to the Christian Ecumenical Centre at Abuja on the eve of the meeting of the National Assembly of the CAN as actually meant to influence that meeting. (


The Miyetti Allah said it has come to discuss peace, but many believe the core of the delegation were actually marabouts who had come to cast spells, probably laden with financial-political "carrots" to induce delegates to the CAN National Assembly Meeting.


Bottomline: Christians, Watch and Pray, that the counsel of the Almighty God will prevail in the affairs of Nigeria.

"This was the very day that the enemies of the Jews had planned to overpower them, but the tables were now turned: the Jews overpowered those who hated them!" Esther 9:1b (Message Version.)


 Christian Social Movement of Nigeria



Coalition of 63 Christian Groups and Christian Fellowships

16th July, 2019

The National Assembly
Christian Association of Nigeria
National Christian Center

Dear Sirs,

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) was founded in 1976, is established to represent all Christian denominations and is to be a voice for all Christians. In line with the evangelical mandate of the Church, leadership of this body should be exemplary and demonstrate ethics that endear non-Christians to the faith.

Worldly traits such as bribery and corruption, which Nigeria and Nigerians are known for should be very far from Christian leadership, most especially if the Church is to play its role as the light in the darkness of the world and salt in the tastelessness of the earth. Mat 5:14.
Shockingly, rumors and allegations now abound and is being freely circulated around that bribery and inducements played a major role in the recently concluded election of the CAN President.  At this particular time in the history of the Church in Nigeria, when the Church needs the Lord to arise in defense of His people, having a leadership of the Church embroiled in bribery and graft is most unacceptable.

In view of the various information being circulated it is imperative that the National Assembly of CAN, as the custodian of the standards and ethics in the Association and who are charged with the responsibility of ratifying the results of election, investigate such with a view to ensuring that righteousness is enthroned.

Referencing the Holy Book: 1. Job 15: 34 and 2; Psalm 26:10, we humbly request that CAN takes time out to wait upon the Lord for His clear instruction so that His chosen leader emerges; leadership that is not tainted and the future of the Church in Nigeria that is not jeopardized.

We remain hopeful that the remnant of the body of Christ will arise and do the needful so that the name of our Lord Jesus Christ is glorified. Amen. 2 Thes. 1:12

For and on behalf of Advocates for Freedom and Democracy,

Dr. Olalekan Jesuleye

Rev. Eric Ighalo

Dr. Rotimi Gabriel

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