Saturday, October 17, 2015

The World Today – Steve Olumuyiwa

      As is obvious from the events of our present world, everything is shifting, changing—sin is increasing, iniquity is abounding, the persecution of Christians is increasing, the signs of the end are here…wars, rumours of war, natural disasters, uncommon diseases, refugee problems, terror cells and anti-Messiah networks are connecting and waxing strong, etc. Our world today is set to face unusual problems of biblical proportions. Although these problems are multiplying very quickly, it’s an opportunity to bring the Good News of our Jesus Christ to the troubled world.  This is the reason why the Lord is calling forth a strong UNIFIED GATE OF JOSEPH:
       He is calling forth the Josephs (Prophetic dreams Gen 37, Gen 42: 6-9, Watchman over the elements of heaven Ps 81: 1-7, Government/Apostle, Gen 41, ff).  He is calling forth the Joshuas (tribe of Ephraim, I Chro 7:27, Government/ Watchman over the elements of heaven Book of Joshua, Joshua 10:12-14). He is calling forth the Gideons (tribe of Manasseh, Judge/Watchman Judges 6, 7).. He is calling the Deborahs (tribe of Ephraim, Prophetess/Judge/Watchman over the elements of heaven, Judges 4: 5, 5: 20 ff). He is calling the Samuels (tribe of Ephraim, Sam 1, 3: 4-14, Prophet/Judge/Priest, 2 Books of Samuel). He is calling the Esthers (tribe of Benjamin, Government/Intercessor, Book of Esther). He is calling the Mordechais (tribe of Benjamin, Government/Intercessor, Book of Esther). He is calling the Pauls (tribe of Benjamin-Romans 11, Apostle—Book of Acts, Romans, Corinthians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, etc.)
This month, the Lord is especially calling the apostles, prophets, and watchmen who understand the laws of heaven; they are called to tackle the spiritual and physical problems in today’s world.     
       Therefore, we urge you to yield to the LORD’s call to be part of a Unified Camp of Joseph—to sound the SHOFAR at the new moon (Ps 81:-3), and above all, to sound the shofar when the enemy comes to fight us in the land He has given us or when the enemy comes to fight to steal our harvest (Num 10:9). Let us watch and pray with confidence for Yeshua also intercedes for us continuously (Heb. 7:25). As a unified company of Joseph, we have access to multiple blessings: (Gen 48: 15-22; Gen 49: 22-26, Deut 33: 12-17; Gen 49: 27, Deut 33: 12)  Please pray these blessings over your life.
       There is another reason to watch with great intensity this month. It is the time of Halloween, which marks (1) the beginning of witches new year called samhain, and (2) it is also satan's birthday. To witches, halloween or samhaim is the most important day of the year. It is the supreme night of demonic jubilation: satan is worshipped; spirits of the dead are invoked; there is divination to tap into satanic power to make predictions; satanic powers are invoked to cast spells, exchange destinies, kill, destroy, oppose Christian families, etc.
        The moon is central to all of these events.  Here are the highlights of the events:
a. witchcraft activities (a time to cast spells, time for destiny exchange, to oppose churches and families, perform sacrilegious acts, a time to kill, steal and destroy, etc.)
b. necromancy (graveyard sorcery, feasting with the dead, etc)
c. divination (peeping into the future by tarot card reading, crystal reading, or tea leaf reading)
d. satanic worship (observe satanic rituals, offer blood sacrifices to Satan, etc)
          Although the major event takes place on Oct 31-Nov 1 every year, the "celebrations" begin during the new or full moon before the end of October. This year, halloween events will begin on Oct 13, the day of the new moon. The activities of witches and satanists will increase as we draw near the full moon, which is October 27. These events will continue till the beginning of the next lunar cycle on November 11. It’s time to watch and pray. With Yeshua, the Word of God, as our Captain, we shall surely prevail (Rev. 5:5, Rev. 19:11-20:4).
Culled from Prayer Points  for the month of October 2015, issued by Steve Olumuyiwa, West Africa Coordinator.  Intercessors For Africa.

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