Saturday, October 17, 2015

Birth pangs of a coming New Order:

Amidst all the largely man-made rumblings in the socio-economic order in our world, natural disasters also continue to wreck havocs at increasing intensity and frequency across different regions on the planet.  Discerning people have sought to compare these to the birthpangs a woman experiences as her time of delivery draws near.  Recent samples of Landslide, Rains, and Forest Fires from news Reports:

Guatemala landslide deaths rise to 96, with hundreds missing
BBC Report, October 4: The Guatemalan authorities say the number of people killed when a hillside collapsed on houses in the village of El Cambray, 15km outside the capital, has risen to 96. They said another 300 people were still believed to be missing under tonnes of rock and earth that slipped onto homes on Thursday night.”
        The report concludes on a somber note: “Mountainous Guatemala is one of the most vulnerable countries to natural disasters in the world because of its heavy rainfall and hurricanes and intense poverty which forces people to live in unsuitable areas.
       “The latest disaster may be the worst in a decade.  In 2005 hundreds of people were buried after torrential rain in Panabaj in the municipality of Santiago Atitlan. The authorities were forced to declare the area a cemetery because of the impossibility of recovering the bodies. “

France floods: 16 dead on Riviera after storms
BBC Report Oct 4: “Violent storms and flooding have hit south-eastern France, killing at least 17 people with four more missing, officials say.   Three elderly people drowned when their retirement home near the city of Antibes was flooded.   Others died trapped in their cars in tunnels and underground car parks as the waters rose.  French President Francois Hollande announced a state of "natural disaster" in the affected region.”

Rains not seen for 200 YEARS: Two dead, 22 million on flood watch and New Jersey homes already consumed by high tides in bombardment of weekend storms
A record-setting 'once-in-200-years rainfall event' left 22 million Americans on the East Coast on flood watch as rains have closed down roads, waterlogged crops and showed little sign of stopping. Meteorologist Ryan Maue of Weather Bell Analytics told NBC New York: 'It's going to be a slow-motion disaster'.  

Forest Fire in Indonesia – President Joko Widodo seeks for international help
After initially refusing offers of outside help  increasing rage of forest fire has forced Indonesia to swallow national pride and accepted all helps available from any quarter.  President Joko Widodo not only accepted the offer of assistance by local rival Singapore, it also requesting help from Russia, Malaysia, Japan, and Australia. Unlike regular forest fires, the raging fires in Indonesia are over peat (a source of fuel, like coal) and are much more difficult to put out.  The major concern is over long-term adverse health impact rather than immediate destructions of life and properties. More details and videos at

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