Thursday, August 28, 2014


By the way, did anybody notice how summary "extra-judicial" killings by Hamas attract little outcry from Amnesty International and similar Human rights organizations?  Indeed according to a UN report, summary executions has become rather commonplace in places like Syria and Gaza where Moslem Jihadists hold sway, but apparently, who cares?  Contrast that to the "Civillian JTF" in Nigeria identifying about 35 Boko Haram operatives from a parade of about 300 men in jihadists' hotbed, Bama; and the whole international press goes aflame crying of atrocities by Nigerian military (who are collaborating with the Civilian JTF).  It was exactly such outcries that forced the SSS to release terror kingpin Aminu Ogwuche, who ended up killing over 75 innocent lives in the Nyanya explosion, not counting others he is indirectly associated with. 

Also while the international press, both mainstream and social media, considered it reasonable NOT to post the graphic video of the execution of American journalist James Foley, by a British Jihadist under the umbrella of ISIS, obviously such considerations don’t matter when the storyline is based in a place like Nigeria.

The international press decided they would not give ISIS the cheap publicity it is looking for by refusing to post the video made available; yet they go out of their way to post full length propaganda videos, and even outright fabrications made by Boko Haram. See our previous article

Since there is apparently nothing anybody can do from stopping people from casting news the way they prefer to have it case, the onus is on the readers to be extra-discerning in their reception and further propagation of such news items.

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