Sunday, August 10, 2014


We thank God for a peaceful and successful gubernatorial election all over Osun state, yesterday 9th August, 2014, with the results announced less than 24 hours later.  We congratulate the INEC and the security forces for a job very well done.  We will like to make the following comments, particularly, further to our rather intense pre-election comments.

1. We believe without an iota of doubts, that the outcome of the gubernatorial election is exactly what the Lord wants.

2.  We similarly have no doubts that the Lord knew what the outcome would be, right from the beginning of the processes.

3.  We are also firmly convinced that what the Lord asked us to do, identifying and documenting critical issues affecting the Church, with respect to the policies and dispositions of the incumbent, was not done in vain.  It was an action that needed to be implemented; and we can only be grateful that we are part of the Lord’s limitless resources that He chose to mobilize to raise those issues at this point in time.

4.  We dare to believe that our little effort, under the guidance of Him Who gave us the commission, and the various responses to it within and without the Body of Christ, has accomplished what the Lord would have it achieved.  And the situation has significantly changed from what it could have been without such efforts.

5.  The issues involved have of course not ended with the elections.  As we pointed out several times, the issues transcend whoever would emerge victorious at the elections.  Even though it might appear to us that the current outcome would require more demands of the Church, the key issue, as Pastor Bosun Emmanuel rightly said in his Wake-up Call message to the Church in Nigeria, is that we need to learn to develop and maintain the right priorities.  Every member of the Church needs to learn to appreciate Kingdom issues, and be ready to make sacrifices.  The leadership of CAN/PFN would need to develop effective mechanisms and platforms to connect with, and mobilize the Church. (We will like to point out that possible foundations for such platforms and networks in SW Nigeria were initiated at the recently held Yoruba Christian Leaders Assembly, YCLA, at Ile-Ife)

6. All said and done, the greater and even more urgent battle remains that for personal holiness, purity and obedience in the lives of individual Christians as we await the coming of the Lord Jesus.

7.  Whether personally or corporately, Christians need to take heed, watch, and pray for the days are extremely evil, and will only continue to worsen!   Eternal vigilance is the non-negotiable price for liberty (Mark 13:33, Rev. 12:12).

Finally we congratulate the incoming governor Aregbesola and pray he will be a more discerning and wiser governor than the incumbent, outgoing Aregbesola.  We pray he too (like the increasing number of traditional rulers and priests in Yorubaland who are now turning to the Lord Jesus) will come to see the utter futility of idol worship; and learn to distinguish between spiritual servitude on one hand, and loyalty to our cherished cultural heritages on the other.    

We thank the many who wrote to encourage us and affirm our efforts, as well as those who wrote to express their reservations. As taught by Scriptures, we can say with a clear conscience: “We are unprofitable servants: we have done that which was our duty to do.” Luke 17:10

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