Monday, January 13, 2014


President Goodluck Jonathan has, on January 7, 2014 signed the Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Bill 2013 into law. At long last, the efforts initiated by President Olusegun Obasanjo in 2006 to keep advocacy and celebration of homosexuality out of the shores of Africa’s most populous nation, has come to a successful conclusion.
Despite the threats from the Barack Obamas and David Camerons of this world (and their local minions), the Nigerian legislature, followed by the President, mustered up the required courage to do the right godly thing. Congratulations Nigeria for this landmark achievement!
       Adamant to the end, the US (through John Kerry, the Secretary of State) still insisted that Nigeria had committed the unpardonable sin by passing this popular bill. Ironically, the majority of Americans are to date yet opposed to homosexual marriage, which remains illegal in at least 33  of the 50 states in the US.  Conspicuously missing though, was any comment from French President, Hollande who is currently engulfed in his own peculiar sexual crisis.  Though his people accepted his living with a first lady that he is not married to, they seem not ready to accept his having other affairs in the sideway. One wonders why curiously, this is not a human rights issue. Think of it, the French people are demonstrating great barbarity and intolerance against two adults in mutual consensual private relationship!
      As reported in The Nation: “The signed bill says the gays in Nigeria will … risk a 14-year jail term if they do not retrace their steps and renounce such marriage. Also, any person who operates or participates in gay clubs, societies and organizations directly or indirectly will earn 10-year imprisonment. Those who administer witness, abet or aid the solemnization of a same sex marriage are going to bag 10-year jail term”  Polls cited by international media houses indicate that a whooping 98% of Nigerians approve of the bill.
        Like we have repeatedly pointed out, the real criminals in the gay movement are the Advocacy groups who commit blood, money and sweat to get the gullible (and often greedy) folks hooked into a disastrous lifestyle most of them soon come to regret.  The situation is akin to the drug scene where we have the Barons, the peddlers and the hapless addicts.
        Now that the anti-homosexuality law is passed in Nigeria, the international gay advocacy gang, (who has been putting words in the mouth of the world leaders, who they find much more susceptible to their pressure) now has a much more daunting uphill task in their next assignment of trying to reverse the law – for these people, just like their ultimate boss and inspiration, never give up! 
      It should not surprise anyone who understands the passion of the gay movement to hear that they would prefer a shattered impoverished gay-friendly Nigeria than a stable prosperity anti-gay nation.  And if there is anything they could do to achieve this and repeal the anti-gay law, they certainly would not hesitate to do it. [See the hypocrisy of the movement as  they virtually kept mum to Australia’s equally no-nonsense stance on homosexuality.  Russia likewise has managed to put the international gay movement in their place – ignored].
        In the meantime the grand satanic agenda to infest people with the ungodly homosexual lifestyle can now only be implemented in Nigeria, clandestinely, one person at a time.  Mass indoctrination of the nation’s children and youth through entertainment channels and official channels such as the school system, has now been firmly blocked.  While this is certainly enough reason to rejoice, the Church must understand this next phase of the battle and deploy her forces and efforts appropriately.Please see our 2006 article Homosexual Advocacy in Nigeria: Response To Dr Anele for more insight.
       Again, congratulations Nigeria, congratulations Goodluck Jonathan!

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