Monday, February 7, 2011

Website Review: The Star of Bethlehem (

On this very impressive site, Frederick A. Larson presents a convincing insight into the nature of heavenly bodies, and without necessarily quarreling with prevailing scientific explanations of their nature and purpose, shows irrefutably that the God of the Bible has a full control on their courses.
Harnessing the power of modern computers, plus the well-established detailed mathematics of Kepler, it is now possible to simulate how exactly the skies above a particular location on earth will look at any time, making possible accurate predictions of what future eclipses, comets tracks, and other interesting conjunctions will look like at a particular location at any given time. Well, the same tools can of course be used to re-enact how the skies looked like at some particular time (date, hour) in the past. This is exactly what Prof Larson has done and presented on his site, and an accompanying DVD.
What was the star the magi saw arising from the east, and how did it suggest to them that a Jewish king was being born? On the way from Jerusalem to Bethlehem, the magi saw the star again, and it actually seemed to hover at a particular time, helping to confirm the identity of the location of the baby Jesus. Incredibly, all these are exactly how the planet Jupiter, the moon, the star Regulus the constellations of Leo - among other heavenly bodies - are programmed to move in the year 2 -3 BC, confirming the incredible power and wisdom of God who has set the stars above as signs and for marking seasons (Gen 1:14). It is literally mind-blowing to imagine that from the precise moment that the Lord flung the planets and other heavenly bodies into space with their predetermined orbits and speeds, they have been determined to make (based strictly on their natural courses) the unique, peculiar moves seen in the middle Eastern skies in the year 2-3 BC, precisely marking the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Little surprising to find other clear evidences in the skies, of an intense total solar eclipse, and the moon turning blood red as the Lord Jesus yielded His spirit for mankind on third April 33 AD. Log on to for a journey that will give you a new view of Christmas, the physical universe, and the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. [Please note, we do not necessarily endorse every opinion expressed in external sites]

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