Monday, February 7, 2011

Churches raided, Pastor and members killed by Jihadists at Borno.

Rev Bulus Marwa, and five members of his congregation at the Victory Baptist Church, Dala Alemderi, Maiduguri, were killed when the Church was attacked on Christmas eve by an Allahu akbar chanting mob of about 30. Despite clear advance information that Jihadists were set to attack churches in Maiduguri, in order to create the impression of an inter-religious fight (as part of making the nation ungovernable, apparently), the dastard act was still carried out. According to a survivor, the mob “hacked…two choir members using knives and petrol bomb before heading to the pastor’s residence, where he was killed.”
Also attacked was the Church of Christ in Nigeria in Sinimari, Maiduguri, where a sixty-year old security guard, Philip Sopso, was killed. All these happened around 7.30 pm on Christmas eve, even as the bombs were rocking Jos, decimating Christians.
In an interview with the Vanguard (December 26th) , Borno Police Commissioner, Mohammed Abubakar, said the armed sect members could have been arrested, if the Divisional Police Officers, DPOs had heeded his warnings on the planned attacks, and that the police divisions had enough patrol vehicles to have prevented the Christmas killings. Is the Police Commissioner admitting he can’t control the DPOs under him?
A bewildered governor Ali Modu Sheriff blurted out: “I have told the security services that they should do everything possible to secure all churches in Maiduguri….” With “everything possible” having failed to protect the lives of threatened law-abiding citizens, isn’t that an admission of failure by the Sharia-embracing government of Borno state? According to the governor, “I have given all that is necessary to see that my Christian brothers and sisters have a hitch-free Christmas but I don’t know what went wrong…” According to the plan of action personally supervised by the governor himself, following the inundation of the state with the plan by Bokos Haram to attack some Churches, more soldiers were deployed in the state and every church was supposed to be manned by security forces. Whatever happened to the soldiers deployed to the Victory Baptist Church!

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