Saturday, October 9, 2010

Child Sexual Abuse in Roman Catholic Church – Belgium next Bus stop

The sad revelations about respected and trusted adults sexually molesting innocent children in the Roman catholic church continue to reverberate all around the world. Further confirming what a catholic writer has written, suggesting that such abuse is potentially occurring wherever in the world “there is a substantial catholic population” (see Vol 13 No 2), the latest scene for these sickening stories is Belgium.
According to the BBC, the level, extent and duration of abuse revealed early September, shocked even members of the commission set up by the Catholic Church to investigate the allegations. The independent commission found that such abuse occurred in EVERY diocese and in EVERY Church school over decades. The commission said some victims were infants when the abuse started and that, at least,13 had committed suicide as a result.
The catholic Church is under pressure to prevent further abuse and help the victims who have suffered at the hands of priests, teachers, lay workers and in at least one case, a bishop. (The Punch, Sept 13).

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