Saturday, October 9, 2010

Boko Haram broke Bauchi Prison, threatens to strike in Jos next.

Despite having written ahead in several pamphlets and at least one direct letter to authorities at the Bauchi Prisons, members of the Boko Haram sect successfully broke through the Bauchi Prison and set their members and other convicts free on Tuesday Sept 7. Prior to the strike, the infamous Islamic group had boasted that their members awaiting trial in the prison would not spend the end of Ramadan Eid-el Fitr celebrations in prison. Surprisingly, they succeeded in releasing all 157 male and 17 female sect members during the broad day time operation during which four people, including a policeman and a soldier, lost their lives.
Quite significantly, the Islamic sect ominously warned that its next dastard action should be expected at Jos. In the same pamphlets and letters which were used to pre-announce the attack on the Bauchi Prison, the Boko Haram commiserated with the Moslem community in Jos, Plateau State capital “over the recent crises” and explained that its mission is to “bring back the full implementation of Sharia law, freedom of Moslems and takeover of power from Christians”. (Guardian and Vanguard newspapers of Saturday, 11 September 2010). See Vol 12 No 5 for more on the deadly Bokos Haram Islamic sect.
A number of these escapees later returned voluntarily following the promise of an amnesty for those who renounce the sect. However, at press time, only a few names among them have been announced as qualifying for the amnesty. This indeed led to the burning of the school prison in protest early October.
Meanwhile, the Boko Haram continues its parallel war against the establishment that probably created and nurtured it – the Sharia-pushing government in Borno state. At the last attacks on 7th October, the National Vice Chairman (North East) of the All Nigeria Peoples Party, and in-law to the state governor, Alhaji Awana Ali-Ngala was killed by Boko Haram – right in his Maiduguri residence. A few hours earlier the Boko Haram had paid a deadly visit to the residence of the Speaker of the State House of Assembly, where they shot two security operatives.

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