Saturday, October 10, 2009


Against a great deal of odds, Nigeria survived seven sabbaths of years (49 years) as an independent Nation on October 1, 2009. Now according to Scriptural principles, the fiftieth year is the year of release, the year of Jubilee. By God’s law, for those who understand and believe, all clocks pertaining to captivity and curses (involving either people or property) could be re-set after 49 years (Lev.25:10). Based on this principle, several Christian leaders in Nigeria have been mobilizing their congregations to be spiritually alert as Nigeria enters her year of Jubilee. One major umbrella organization spearheading the move is the Nigeria Jubilee 2010 ( There are evidences that many Churches are taking the situation quite seriously. For instance, at the RCCG, all members were encouraged to fast and pray for 7 days, while Pastors and Ministers were encouraged to undergo a 5-day “marathon” fasting for the country in this remarkable season.
Church Arise! intensely believes that Nigeria’s time has indeed come. Even though it looks as if the country’s spirit is at one of her lowest ebbs ever (especially with so many surrogate maximum leaders – leading to a phenomenon one newspaper described as “out-sourced leadership”), it is true that the onset of dawn is characterized by intense darkness. We pray that unlike the economic expert at Samaria (2 Kings 7:1ff), Nigerian readers of CA! will not only see the unbelievable upcoming transformation, but will also fully partake in it - as well as be available as agents to sustain it!
Nigeria at various times, even at her most inglorious moments, has been somehow used of the LORD to frustrate and destabilize the careful calculations of New World Order mafias. She has proved to be an enigmatic and totally unpredictable entity defying all political and socio-economic theories! Watch out as Nigeria rises to play this role in more glorious and positive manner, as the coming of the Lord draws even nearer still. Congratulations Nigeria: you made it afterall!

"In that day, Egypt (Africa) shall rank with Israel... a blessing in the midst of the earth" - Isaiah 19:19-24

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