Saturday, November 6, 2021

On COVID Vaccines and Conspiracy Theorists


You have probably heard the rather naïve argument before: “…but what has anybody got to gain in mass killing others? This can only be some unreasonable conspiracy theory, bla bla, bla.”

At the LSF, we have restrained ourselves only to the scientific arguments against the COVID jab, and steered clear of unprovable motives.  The jab is unnecessary.  It is ineffective.  It is dangerous.  It Is illegal (authorized only for Emergency Use in Nigeria – and even that without any due process). Yet in an UNPRECEDENTED manner, government authorities across the globe are insisting everyone (yes, that’s where it is all headed) must get it.  To worsen the matter, they are very clear in absolving themselves from whatever liability may arise in the event of adverse health effects attending the jab.

Like we wrote earlier, if anyone is pushing conspiracy theory here, it is the governments, not those of us raising reasonable questions.

And yes, as to what really is behind all these desperate insistence on vaccine mandates, may we frankly suggest people look away from the silly idea that it is all about big pharma making big money?  Not even the tantalizing possibility of acquiring absolute control over the masses would be a sufficient drive.  The sobering fact is that the globalists behind the moves have never hidden their fanatic belief that the greatest threat facing the world is overpopulation, and that something drastic must be done to “cull” people.  Bill Gates was actually caught on tape in a Ted Talk saying vaccines could prove useful in accomplishing this objective!

Drastically reducing the world’s human population is a central doctrine in the eugenics movement, into which many of these folks were born and schooled.  And they have had some historic “opportunities” to vent this religious desire to weed off the “undesirables” from the planet – as the Jews can easily testify!

I will like to close this week’s article with what I consider an “end-of-discussion” video clip regarding this business of Conspiracy or no conspiracy.  Set in the European Parliarment, we see one bold MEP berating his colleagues for agreeing to mandate COVID jabs at enormous cost to the masses, when in fact none of them (the MEPs) know anything about the Contract Agreement signed between the pharmaceutical companies and European governments.  After a long legal battle, the pharmaceutical companies finally agreed that the agreement may be made available to the lawmakers, but in a “redacted format”.  The video (here) now shows for the first time, the contents of this Agreement of the Millenium.  Please ensure you watch the 5 minutes clip to the end.  Corrupted versions now flood the social media with the vital final 2 minutes removed to dampen the impact of the video.  Happy viewing!

See you next week, God willing.


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