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Africa Leadership Summit Virtual Conference Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th October, 2021

 Church Arise! is pleased to recommend for your participation, the Africa Leadership Summit holding on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th October , 2021

Theme: The Quest for Godly Leaders and Righteous Nations.

* Reuven &  Benjamin Berger (from Aaron lineage) Jerusalem
* Pst Segun Olanipekun from Pretoria, South Africa, and
* Psr John Adejorooluwa Ikeja, Lagos.

Zoom ID: 7127268942   Passcode: 8j1Svy

Live Viewing Centre organized by the Christian Leaders Assembly Yorubaland ( at: Jesus Centre Church,  Ibadan Road, Ajebamidele, Ile-Ife


 Find below the Schedule as well as brief Profiles of the main Speakers:



Note: Nigeria time is 1 hour behind SAST. Hence 17.00 SAST is 4.00 pm in Nigeria.



Benjamin and Reuven Berger

Fifty-four years ago, in the landmark year 1967 when the Jews took control of the Temple Mount after 2000 years of dispersal, the Lord Jesus Christ supernaturally appeared to a largely atheist Benjamin Reuven in his room in Denmark and introduced Himself as Israel’s Messiah.  According to Benjamin: “He just spoke to me and told me that he was the Messsiah of Israel and the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”  Benjamin was “utterly shocked” firstly that God existed and, secondly that He would come to him in such a personal way.  Soon after,  Benjamin was able to lead his brother Reuven also to the Lord, and the duo for over fifty years have been led by God in the business of grafting the gentile Church back into its Jewish roots. Their interactions in this regard ranged from “a very informal … a very friendly meeting” with the Pope (at the Vatican’s invitation) in 1998 to meetings with former Nazi collaborators (now Christians) at different places in Germany that had hosted concentration camps.

Without any human teacher or mentor available in their unique circumstances, Benjamin and Reuven poured over the Scriptures.  According to Benjamin,  “We spent the time alone, just the two of us, we spent hours and hours together.  Our teacher was the Holy Spirit”.  Now five decades later, they believe that they have “gained an understanding of what is in the heart of God for his church, and the prophetic place of Jerusalem in the end times”.  Trusting in the Lords’ sovereignty and goodness, the Bergers believe that whatever His plan is, “it is not to the exclusion of anybody”, so anybody can be part of God’s programme for the endtime.  They believe that “the church was to be more an expression of community than just a series of meetings”.  And very critically, they believe that this community of believers is to serve as salt and light in the world.  According to Benjamin, God’s people need to “come together to get a vision of the plan of God’s purposes and then live it out to the extent that we can;  to the extent that God gives us the grace to do it.”  This “involves the church worldwide, so that before the second coming of the Lord there will be a Bride that is ready and that will express the fullness of salvation that Jesus brought.”  Pastors Benjamin and Reuven Berger are regular speakers at the Africa Leadership Summit and they live in Jerusalem.  (For more details see the book by Julia Fisher (2004): Israel: The Mystery of Peace. True Stories Demonstrating God’s Road Map for Peace in Israel Today.)


Segun Olanipekun

Pastor Segun Olanipekun was called into ministry in 1985 at the early age of 19 with his focus on nations, and has continued to serve the Lord in various capacities since then. In what many considered a bold step of faith, Pastor Segun left Nigeria in 1996, as a missionary to East Africa .  Years later, by the special grace of God he had been enabled to establish deep footprints  especially within the leadership of Church and State in that region before relocating to Pretoria where he now co-pastors (with his wife, Rachel) the Pretoria Christian Centre as well as leads the Institute for Christian Leadership Development. One of the initiatives of the Institute is the Africa Leadership Summit (ALS) which seeks to develop cities and sectors of Africa following a Biblical pattern, leveraging on the Abrahamic Covenant, fostered through a literal connection with Israel.  The Christian Leaders Assembly in Yorubaland (C.L.A.Y) is the expression of the ALS in Yorubaland, and is a prototype being replicated in various geographical locations all over Africa as the Lord opens the door. Pastor Segun conducts and organises seminars around contemporary local and global issues and has travelled to over 25 countries as a guest minister in churches and conferences.  For more details, see


John AdejoroOluwa

One of the protégés of Pa Sydney Elton, Pastor John AdejoroOluwa is a teacher of the word. For many years, he was a pastor at Foursquare Gospel Church in Lagos, Nigeria, before the Lord called him out to explain the Gospel of the Kingdom. Operating on the platform of the Plummet Mission, Pastor John has published several life-changing books and he hosts the radio programme, “The Power of Endless Life” received across Nigeria and the West Coast. As a missionary and apostolic teacher of the word called to explain the Gospel of the Kingdom, Pastor John travels widely with the message that we need to experience the power of endless life. No doubt infused by the fragrance of the Lord Jesus Christ, John’s teaching ministry can be described by two words: gentle teacher. He teaches at many conferences and in ministry trips in Africa, the UK, America and Canada, being faithful to disseminate the recovery of lost truths of the Faith without apology.


John is an alumnus of the famous Bible College of Wales founded by the Welsh miner, Rees Howells used mightily of God in the last century to ignite revival in Africa and also affect the course of world events through prayer, of whom Norman Grubb wrote the biography, Rees Howells, Intercessor.  Pastor John is on the apostolic leadership of the Africa Leadership Summit. In addition to his busy schedule he is also a columnist in select journals of the faith. John, his wife, Lydia and their five children, live in Lagos, Nigeria.    For more details, see  





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