Monday, September 6, 2021



Exactly as we predicted last week, the globalists were only testing the waters with the announcement in Edo that only vaccinated people would be allowed to congregate in Churches and Mosques come mid-September.  A week later, the Ondo State government, first through a junior official and later by a Commissioner, came up with exactly the same announcement and deadline.  And while people were trying to digest the situation, the Federal government made her own announcements of an impending mandatory vaccination of the entire workforce!  First insinuated by the Executive Director of the Primary Health, Dr Faisal Shuaib (the guy who insisted there has been zero adverse effect to the COVID vaccine in Nigeria), the matter was later re-affirmed by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) and chairman of the Presidential Steering Committee on COVID-19, Boss Mustapha.  According to the SGF, “the Federal Government shall, very shortly, unveil its decision on mandatory vaccination for every employee in its service”.


It seems government is still searching for a credible excuse to latch the pronouncement on.  According to Mr Mustapha, “One of the reasons why we want to do that with the federal civil service is because they will be travelling to perform roles on behalf of the Federal Government.”  


And what does that mean? The SGF explained further: “The United Nations General Assembly will be starting very soon and we will need our people to go there. Assuming the American government said, ‘you can’t come into the US unless you’re vaccinated, and we have not provided vaccinations for our people, how will they go and prepare grounds for the meetings that will be attended by the President and other top government officials?”


All the entire federal workforce to be mandatorily jabbed with an unapproved substance from which literally every authority has washed off its hand, simply because those government workers may need to go to prepare the grounds for the President at a UN meeting! Can any reasoning be more flippant than this? 



Anyways, greatly helped by the Almighty God, an Alliance inspired by members of this (LSF Partners) platform, was able to organize a landmark Press Conference at Ikeja on Monday 30th August.  Ripples generated by that highly strategic Conference are still building up at the present time.  The Press Statement (which of course has been posted on this platform) is providing strategic resource for stakeholders seeking to take rational action on this urgent national issue, from various other sectors.


Meanwhile hard facts continue to show clearly the utter bankruptcy of the covid-19 experimental vaccine as a useful public health intervention. An article in the Sept 1 2021 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine reports “resurgence of SARS-COV-2 Infection in a Highly Vaccinated Health System Workforce”, (the University of California San Diego).  Earlier on, a CDC report from Massachusetts had revealed that 74% of people infected with COVID were fully-vaccinated.  Similarly, even as administration of the “third dose” picks up, Israel is already hinting a fourth dose, (and most likely booster doses every 6 months into the foreseeable future) will be needed.  This follows the waning/non-effectiveness of the original first 2 doses!


And as we have kept pointing out, the most vaccinated societies (with literally 100% vaccination status) – Gibraltar and Seychelles – continue to rank topmost on the list of communities been ravaged by COVID-19.  You can add to all these troubling realities, the new development of metal shavings being found, repeatedly, in different batches of the Moderna vaccine shipped to Japan.  This has prompted that country to suspend the vaccine in the meantime.


How is it then that governments in Nigeria, even in the midst of a largely-ignored cholera outbreak for instance, still insist mandatory COVID jab for all citizens is the priority mission to pursue? Absolutely bewildering!


See you next week, God willing!

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