Monday, September 3, 2018

Pervasive Presence of Carbon-14 in ancient diamonds bankrupts the Evolution Theory

According to Albert Einstein, whereas a thousand seemingly agreeable experiments may not prove that a theory is correct, one discordant experiment is sufficient to crumble any theory.  Evolution theory has no single scientific fact in support (only conjecturals) but there are dozens of incontestable FACTS contradicting it.  The ubiquitous presence of Carbon-14 in ancient materials completely pulls the rug out of the unimaginable deep-time dates ascribed to these materials. These millions and billions of years are the only life-line tenuously keeping the evolution theory in the market place of ideas.  Without them, the evolution theory crumbles hopelessly!
What is Carbon-14 (or simply C-14)?  This is a special type of Carbon that is radioactive, meaning that the number of its atoms present in a given material is constantly reducing as C-14 is transmuted to Nitrogen.  The half-life for this transformation is 5730 years, by which is meant that every 5,730 years, HALF of whatever amount of C-14 that was initially present in the material would be gone. This is a direct implication of an exponential decay which is the mathematical law governing radioactivity. A well accepted rule of the thumb is that after a period of time corresponding to about 20 half-lives, all the initial radioactive atoms would have literally disappeared, and cannot be detected anymore. It does not matter how much was there to start with, since half of it goes away repeatedly after one half-life, by the time 20 half-lives is approached, all the radioactive stuff is literally gone! 
Now 20 half-lives for C-14 equals 20 multiplied by 5,730 years, which is 114,600 years.  The clear implication is that any material older than 120,000 years should not contain ANY detectable level of Carbon-14 again, no matter how much it had to start with.  But what is the reality? Myriads of materials supposedly millions and billions years of age are still found to contain significant amount of Carbon-14.  The general explanation is that somehow these materials must have been contaminated with Carbon-14 from younger materials either in situ or in the laboratory.
Diamond completely falsifies this suggestion, simply because, being the hardest substance on earth, no other material can penetrate to contaminate it!  Yet, there is NO known sample of natural diamonds that is free of Carbon-14!  How then could the millions of years age attributed to these diamonds be justified?  See here for an interesting video clip by the Institute for Creation Research, further describing this intriguing subject  ( Even with billions years available evolution has a hard time showing how life can spontaneously arise from inanimate bodies.  Now if that must happen in only a matter of thousands of years, the whole idea becomes even the more utterly ridiculous!

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