Thursday, April 20, 2017

Onoghen installed as CJN, Magu in limbo

In an obvious major setback for the Sharia agenda in Nigeria, a non-Moslem has been appointed as the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN). This landmark event occurred per force, during the prolonged absence of President Mohammadu Buhari from the country, away on medical vacation in London. As we pointed out in the last edition, the last time a non-Moslem occupied the office of CJN was in 1985, during the tenure of Justice Ayo Irikefe. This development thus again confirms that it is the LORD’s counsel that comes to pass irrespective of the scheming and raging of men.
Ironically, the Federal government has not been able to push through the confirmation of her obviously beloved candidate for the chairmanship of government’s most visible anti-corruption agency, the EFCC. After the previous rejection of the nomination of Ibrahim Magu by the Senate, the Presidency insisted there are no better candidates available for the position than Magu, so his name was re-submitted.  In a striking show of solidarity and unusual courage, the Senate insisted that Mr Magu was simply not fit for the office.  The Senate’s position was anchored primarily on a report by another arm of the same government, the Department of State Security; which brings up the question of who exactly was trying to force Magu on the nation, and to what purpose.  Was government not aware of the security report by her own Agency set up to conduct the all-too-crucial background security checks on candidates for public office?
The last has not been heard on this matter though, apparently.  At the present time, Mr Magu continues to hold sway as the acting Czar at the EFCC, as the President has refused to remove him or nominate someone else to the Senate.  And if there ever were a case of a bull in the china shop, it is an injured Ibrahim Magu on the driver’s seat at the EFCC. It is left to speculation if a Magu confirmed as the substantive chief of the EFCC might not have heeded the reported hour-long appeal by the chief of the Nigerian Intelligence Agency not to take public action on the N13 billion cash saga currently making the headlines in the country!  In all these, Nigerians are the winners as divine counsel prevails over the machinations of men.

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