Monday, February 6, 2017

TRUMP: At last, a sober voice out of England

It's absolutely amazing how the whole world seems to be caught in the George Soros-orchestrated frenzy against Donald Trump!
Whereas, just because the would-be bomber Farouk Abdumuttalab stayed over in Nigeria onlu for some 30 minutes before his Ghana-US trip, Nigeria was virtually blacklisted by the Obama administration. Yet, we took it all with shrugs and wry smiles.
Now, Trump announces a temporary ban on some well-known terrorist countries.  These are by no means the countries with the largest moslem populations, yet, the mainstream press turned it to a Moslem ban!
And there is hardly any mention of the Safe Zones Trump has negotiated together with Saudi Arabia to be created in Syria.  This is what will help the real Syrian refugees - safe haven in their own country, rather than become refugees in the US.
Meanwhile, no ones seems to care about how Refugees camps in Germany and elsewhere have become centres to harrass and threaten christian refugees - in addition to prostituting innocent young girls - christian or moslem!  Please check again our Link-Dump article here, detailing some of these incredible atrocities.
So the comments of Lord Carey in the article below is so much relief, and confirms that there are still sane and sober voices in England.

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Lord Carey defends Trump and says critics guilty of 'staggering overreaction'

Sun 05 Feb 2017
By Marcus Jones
Lord Carey has condemned critics of Donald Trump suggesting we're witnessing a "staggering overreaction" to his policies.
The former Archbishop of Canterbury has written in the Sunday Express following a week of protests to the new US President and his travel ban which tried to block the entry of people from seven mainly Muslim countries.
The clergyman says we're in no position to judge him after just two weeks in office.
"To observe the insults and protests heaped on his head, we are witnessing a staggering overreaction. He is treated as a uniquely bad leader," he said.
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

He also asked why protesters took to the streets against President Trump but not dictators like Robert Mugabe.
He said: "In contemporary world terms, there is a long list of dictators and tyrants who are in front of Trump as "the world's worst politician".
"Mugabe and Assad, for example? I cannot recall such demonstrations against terrible and autocratic regimes such as Burma, Sudan and North Korea.
"It is one of the key characteristics of those who consider themselves progressive to reserve condemnation for America, "the West", or Israel and ignore actual evil-doers.

Lord Carey's defence for Donald Trump comes in a week in which his policies were criticised by current Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and the leaders of Catholics in England and Wales Cardinal Vincent Nichols.
In his column for the newspaper, he also praised the president for prioritising Christian in the Middle East.
"Trump has recognised that Christians are persecuted in the Middle East and elsewhere and intends to prioritise asylum for religious minorities. This is a very welcome step," he said.

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