Tuesday, April 12, 2016

US Hero thrown out of the Army for defending a boy being sodomized on US Base in Afghanistan

Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland has been kicked out of the US Army for confronting an Afghan child rapist while serving in Afghanistan in 2011.
Martland, a decorated Green Beret, was reprimanded by the Army after he retaliated against an Afghan police commander at an outpost for repeatedly raping a young boy and also repeatedly striking the boy’s distraught mother. Unable to bear the sight after considerable self-restraints, Martland and another soldier confronted the commander, throwing him to the ground and causing him to leave the base.
The US Army was totally displeased with the action!  The Army Human Resources Command’s recommended that Martland be kicked out of the service. This recommendation was upheld and effected a few weeks ago.  Martland had served in the army without any blemish for 11 years, and had been twice decorated for bravery and valor.
 Clearly, in the new world order, interfering in other people’s sexuality is a strictly no-go area. Rooted in evolution-based “survival of the fittest” concept, the new world order recognizes needs for the individual to satisfy his peculiar needs without restraints imposed by values prescribed by other people (or some “God”!).  Afterall, would Sgt Martland be applauded for rescuing an antelope from a hungry lion in the wild?

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