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Another clear reality of how the  “ Hegelian approach” to changing the face of the world is being stridently applied is in the area of drug use. The role of hard drugs in degrading the mental status and quality of life of human beings is well established. Not to talk of the culpability of drugs in violence and crimes the world over.  Yet the emerging attitude now is that discouraging or stopping people from taking drugs is becoming unrealistic.  Instead of hitting our heads against the bricks in such “unrealistic, unprofitable ventures” therefore, the world should rather embrace legalization of drug use as the least among a number of related evils.   Somehow, the reasoning goes, the world will find a way to cope with the implications of that legalization later on.

The clear leader in this school of thoughts is Portugal.  After 50 years of military dictatorship, Portugal in 1974 entered a new world of unfettered liberties.  One of these was increased access and liberal attitude to hard drugs.  By the mid 1990’s Portugal knew it had a new problem at hand with 1% of the total population categorized as “severely drug-addicted”.  In 2002, the use of drugs had become so prevalent in the country that Portugal concluded it was useless trying to prosecute people for drug use.  Rather it came out with the meaningless Law 30/2000 which allows citizens to carry some arbitrarily-decided quantities of drugs (about ten days of use) on them without any fear of prosecution.  Incredibly, despite evidenced increasing rot, the opinion of the “experts” promoting the policy is that “it is working!”. 

In one article affirming the policy, author Wiebke Hollersen described the drug situation and attempted to justify the weird social experiment:

“A drug slum formed in Lisbon, at the edge of a neighborhood known as Casal Ventoso. Here junkies slept in shacks or in the garbage, in extremely poor conditions. "They shot up on the street, and they died on the street," Goulão says. Anyone in Portugal could observe this phenomenon -- on TV, in newspaper pictures or even from the nearby highway…..So, what to do with them but just allow them go on, seeing government can’t effectively prosecute them anyway?” ('This Is Working': Portugal, 12 Years after Decriminalizing Drugs) . Goulão, quoted above, is the family medical practitioner who heads the new drug experiment, ironically described as “war on drugs”.

For all this self-deluding justification of de-criminalization of drugs use in Portugal, drug use still remains officially illegal in the country -  so as not to offend the UN.  But it is an offence that is treated much like “a misdemeanor, much the same as a parking violation”. 

But even this could change if only many more countries will officially adopt the same attitude.  Hence, strident efforts are on-going worldwide (mainly in the “developed” countries, of course) to liberalize attitudes towards drug use.  In Vol 8 no 1, we described the justification of religious use of hallucinogenic drugs.  Later developments in the US have since seen marijuana being justified, step-wise, on the grounds of medical, recreational, and eventually now economical grounds. 

Todd of Rapture Ready “laments the US drug situation:

For years, there has been a slow creep with the introduction of medical marijuana into what is now in 21 states. Once Colorado voters decided to allow for the recreational uses of the drug, the floodgates were opened. We now have politicians openly talking about the economic benefit of making pot legal, and the media constantly reinforcing the idea that growing marijuana is no different than any other agricultural business. It should be no wonder that fifty-five-percent of Americans support national legalization of marijuana”. Todd, RaptureReady,  feb 3 2014.

He further points out that the city of San Francisco has actually announced it is offering free crack pipes to heroin addicts to slow the spread of HIV. Yea, embrace the lesser of two evils, for now, and let the future take care of itself, somehow.

            The situation is not much better elsewhere in the “developed” nations, with Czech republic probably rivaling the situation in Portugal. (  A comprehensive review can be found here (

            This same failure mentality is widely applied in several other areas of life – as the curtain closes on the endtimes.  For example, we have shown over the years how this attitude has been repeatedly applied in areas of human sexuality to justify immoral practices ranging from prostitution to promiscuity to paedophilia , and eventually to homosexuality.  

 By pushing God out of the way as a possible solution to emerging “global, modern crises”, mankind is encouraged to embrace some morality-blind alternative solutions as “lesser evils”. In short, if you can’t solve the problem, adjust to it.  The end-point in view by people deliberating promoting and nurturing these crises (and proffering their preferred solutions through their various NGOs) is to eventually remove all moral restraints in Society (in the spirit of Psalm 2:3).  As they blatantly and openly write in their new age literature, this is the way to bring in the One who will take the world into the next stage in its evolutionary destiny.  In actual fact, the Bible calls this man, the Man of Sin, the Antichrist.

Both God and Satan are agreed on this one point: this ungodly global leader must appear on the earth scene (Rev 17:17).  He will come ahead of the Lord Jesus Christ, and will eventually be destroyed by the appearance of the Lord at His coming (2 Thess. 2:3-9).

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