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More evidences of on-going human sacrifices by traditionalists: Mosarajo, Igbo-Eze, etc

In our last edition, we highlighted some of the largely overlooked impacts of tradition religion on society. Hiding under the guise of “culture”, followers of the false gods that held our people hostage for centuries, seek to reposition these task-masters over our societies – and most of us who understand what is going on, for the sake of political correctness and new tolerance, merely nod our head in assent and turn aside to “mind our own business”.
      Like the homosexual advocacy groups, traditional religionists are not satisfied being in the minority in society, and they are using every argument conceivable to try to turn the balance. However, unless knowledgeable Christians agree to be intimidated into silence, the facts on ground should make everyone bent on worshipping the dead gods do so in privacy, shame and sadness; not the current boisterous campaigns to defend the indefensible.  We cite two main points to buttress this position.
       The first ground of concern is the nature of the sacrifices demanded by these gods.  At the mildest, various food items – red oil, boiled yam, head of goats, etc together with black pots are required to be put at cross-roads constituting environmental nuisance in communities where there are no stray dogs or vultures around to clear these eye-sores away. It would be extremely rare to see one practictioner who would offer to be videoed carrying these sacrifices, as it is not uncommon for the deity to require the suppliant to come to the crossroad stark naked!
Far more serious is the fact that many of the gods still demand regular human sacrifices.  This was brought home vividly in the month of October 2013 with the discovery of a shrine at the village of Mosarajo, between Ile-Ife and Ifewara in Osun state of Nigeria. (Incidentally, the discovery occurred the day the Redeemed Christian Church of God concluded a three-day crusade and prayers for the deliverance of Ifewara and neighbourhood from the influences of the ancient deities stalling the progress of the region).
Found in a room in the kidnappers den were scores of children’s school uniforms and school bags, ladies bras and underwears,  etc (see picture), while in other location, human blood were found not only poured out to various idols representing various Yoruba gods, but also stored in containers.  On the day that the news broke, a young girl abducted from Idi-Ape area in Ibadan, still dressed in school uniform, was found dazed and wandering aimlessly at Lagere, Ile-Ife (on the road to the village of Mosarajo)  – apparently abandoned due to the developments at the receiving end.  Despite all these hard evidences, the man in charge of the operations, Mr Aliyu Mutairu (aka Abu Ragbaja)  was soon released on bail a few days after his arrest and hurried shallow appearance at a magistrate court in Osogbo.
 With no mention made of the containers of human blood or the pile of clothing and personal effects found in his domicile, Abu Ragbaja quickly agreed with the Police prosecutor, DSP Promise Akanwa, that he was a mere fraudster swindling gullible, ambitious people.
Yet this claim of being a cheap fraudster, even if correct, could not in any way invalidate the copious hard evidences of  extensive human sacrifices on ground.  All the police had to do was look through those school bags to ascertain the identities of the owners; but that probably skipped the mind of Mr Akanwa and his team!  So, Defence Counsel Wahab Idowu triumphantly walked away with his client, with a bail of a paltry N200,000.  The case was adjourned till 3rd December, but the public knows better than continue to show interest in the case!  Abu Ragbaja who confessed to receiving about 10 -15  clients every week, now has enough time to eradicate all implicating evidences.
Victims Clothing and Personal Effects
A similar headline grabbing story came a few weeks later (December) from Enugu-Ezike in Igboeze-North Local Government Area of Enugu State  of Nigeria.  Over 100 women tired of the serial killing of their folks for ritual sacrifices, and not knowing whose turn would be next, took their protests to the state governor, Mr Sullivan Chime.
Citing names of at least 11 women who had been sacrificed to the gods by the Chief Priests and his lackeys, the women begged the governor to look into their case.  Also citing more names and instances, the women described how they are being forced into marriage with the deities. 
Just as in Osun state, according to the DailyPost  ”efforts by the police to prosecute some of the suspects had always been foiled by some influential personalities in the area.”  Specifically, “A source disclosed that some of the suspects were recently granted a controversial bail by the court, even though were standing trial for murder.” (
         Yes, the gods the traditional religionists are asking us to return to, reserve the rights to demand that our blood or those of loved ones be regularly offered to them. And they could conscript young women to be sex-slaves of their dedicated priests.  This is a general element of this “religion wherever it be found”, whether it be right here on the continent of Africa or in the diaspora like Haiti, Cuba or Brazil.
           Compare all this with the other option of embracing the God who shed his own blood for our ransom and deliverance!

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