Monday, August 8, 2011

Food for thoughts on Mormonism

“Joseph Smith was a convicted swindler and Brigham Young, with 23 wives, a proven false prophet. Nobody in their right mind would believe that someone who said Quakers living to be 1000 years old resided on the moon, as Smith did, nor on the sun as Young did in his Journal of Discourses Volume 17. Only an ignorant bigot would believe that black people are the descendants of fallen angels and are ugly, wicked and mischievous, and that any white person marrying a black should be killed, because of the Mormon law of atonement. Yet, this is what Brigham Young taught. It is simply not reasonable to believe such evil men were God's prophets. The first requirement of being a Mormon is to abandon any sense of reason”

This is part of a recent article by Jacob Prasch, of Moriel. The full article titled “Death of Reason and Return of Jesus may be accessed at

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