Friday, May 27, 2011

New Nigeria emerges

What visionary Christians saw a year ago, of a new Nigeria emerging at the dawn of Jubilee, is now visible to about everybody. The clear hand of God intervening in the affairs of Nigeria should be evident to anyone who has eyes to see. Not only did God confirm an easy-going, God-trusting patriot as the President of Nigeria, God did so in such a way no one else but Himself could claim the glory. God did it at the expense of fire-breathing desperadoes carrying awesome credentials of capacity to generate considerable chaos - both in the physical as well as spiritual realms The story is repeated several times in the various other elections – governorship, and both state and federal legislature.
It is interesting to observe that after the first rounds of elections to the federal legislature, when it became evident that people’s votes would count and actually determine the winners, politicians quickly adapted, and started reaching out to the people, soliciting their votes. The street rallies and house-to-house vote-seeking campaigns of the politicians easily rivaled the evangelistic outreach of many a Christian mission during the Easter period which coincided with the elections!
Of course, it is no time to rest on our oars. The prayers and vigilance must continue. As we enter the period of harvest, it is important that every son in the Kingdom braced up and get to work (Prov 5:10)

End-times Implications

It is instructive that just as most of the so-called advanced and stable countries of the world are tottering under various intensifying storms – economic, moral, political, natural disasters, etc, Nigeria is having her own positive turn-around. Watch out as Nigeria takes the centre stage in world affairs, confounding the calculations of the antichrist confederacy – until the Church is eventually raptured.
In other words, we believe that the course and timing of current events in Nigeria are not mere happenchance. We are predicting that Nigeria’s leadership in world affairs, already manifest in evangelical Christianity, will soon spill over into several other spheres of life. With Nigeria’s influence, the projections of the dark forces behind the One World Government and One World Religion moves, required to usher in the Antichrist, will continually suffer sundry setbacks - until it will please the Lord to remove the Church (via Rapture). Thereafter may it be permitted the eventual manifestation of the man of sin, the Antichrist (2 Thess. 2:6-8)

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