Monday, January 18, 2010

Official disclosure of extraterrestrial life is imminent.

In what is being portrayed as a kind of global glasnost (remember the policy of “new openness” used by Mikhail Gorbachev to dismantle the USSR and usher the Agenda of global governance to a new level?), it is being reported that the Obama administration is about opening previously secret files to the public; and declaring that aliens from other worlds do exist for real
The accuracy or otherwise of this report ( will certainly be proven in no time, giving the suggested dates of either 2009 or 2010! However, it cannot be denied that there is indeed an explosion in reports of so-called activities of extra-terrestrials. Very significant is the fact that one of the clear leaders promoting this “new openness” on extraterrestrials is none other than the Vatican itself (pls see next story from Associated Press).
Of course, man is NOT the only sentient being living in the Universe! The activities of myriads of spirit beings have been firmly established and documented, right from the days of Noah when non-human beings, Nephilims, interacted intimately with the human race. The current epidemic of so-called UFO appearances and associated events such as Marian apparitions is thus another confirmation that we are in the end times. For as the Lord said, “But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” - Mat 24:37.
It is amusing seeing UFO-logists insisting on their own interpretation of events, under the guise of some science fantansies. For instance, ogbanjes and other familiar spirits that are freely roaming the entire planet today (ranging from water spirits, “helpers” and major-domos of traditional cults, to “friends,” “angels,” and “ascended masters” of the new age movements) are supposedly extra-terrestrials. [well, they might indeed be so called, legitimately!]. Even clearly explained Biblical events like the rapture of Elijah in a chariot of fire are heatedly interpreted as UFO abductions using alien technology! (Please see our previous article on the subject in Vol 11 No 6). A similar explanation probably awaits the next scheduled rapture – that of millions of Christians any moment from now!
In the next edition, by God’s grace, we shall examine the concept known as “The Singularity”, referring to the possibility, (and imminence) of our society undergoing a fundamental technological jump that blurs the divide between man and machine. What with the various prosthetics increasingly becoming available to enhance the ability of man! We predict that the crowning of such prosthetics would be the implanted microchip, after which the matching between man and the “extraterrestrials” will be perfected. The Church is the spiritual force delaying these impending events (2 Thess. 2:6-7). The handwriting is clear and bold: The Rapture Flight is Boarding.

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I'm wondering if you have read a Google article entitled "Pretrib Rapture Secrecy." It's really good!