Sunday, July 6, 2008


Just as every other index of the coming Rapture and eventual post-rapture life on earth, the climax in the battle to forcibly coerce/cajole all human beings on earth to receive a microchip insert seems fast approaching.

One evidence is the fervour with which certain states in the US, (who should know what they are doing) are spinning out laws proscribing the forceful/coerced microchipping of any individual in their territory. The latest to do that was the state of Okhlahoma (§ionID=1); joining others such as Wisconsin, North Dakota, and California who have already passed similar bills. Yet others, Missouri, Georgia, New Hampshire, Ohio, Colorado, Washington, and Florida are considering identical legislation. [However, it has been noted that a Federal bill could overrule these individual bills from the states!]. One argument often sounded by critics of this kind of bill is that no one has complained of being forced over the issue, and such bills are really much fuss over a non-existent problem . Or is it?

Apart from the “troubling insiders’ information” that One of the discussions at the recently concluded Bilderberg’s 2008 meeting was the need to microchip all, ostensibly to fight terrorism (, the public arrowhead of microchipping, the company VeriChip, seems to be making a last ditch break or win effort to get the chip acceptable to the public.

In a blitzkrieg advertising campaign launched in April (beginning with the website, and including TV and newspaper ads), the company is presenting its human microchip implant Verimed, now re-branded as Health Link system, directly to people through retail stores. According to Scott Silverman, CEO and chairman of VeriChip, the company hopes to be able to convince 1,000 South Florididans, within 3 months, to get a chip linked to health records for less that $150. If this gets done, the company hopes to get the much needed lifeline to prevent total collapse and strategize further expansion to other regions of the country, most likely beginning in northern New Jersey. According to Mr Silverman, "If, three months from now, nobody gets the chip, we will have to look at our business model.”

There are indeed grounds to expect people will continue to keep their distance from the chip, despite the 900 or so hospitals on the East Coast which have agreed to participate in the VeriChip system. No thanks to Katherine Albrecht and her anti-chip organization which has also launched their own campaign with the release of a damning 42 page report (June 3) featuring 85 frequently asked questions on the microchip. The document clearly shows the product as a totally bankrupt system, prone to innumerable failures and quite obviously incapable of delivering on its many great hypes. At the same time, it is subject to innumerable health and security hazards. And for all these hazards and failures, which are kept well hidden from the public, the gullible subscriber is made to sign away any right to legal recourse. Download a copy of this must-read document from .

While on the website, readers are encouraged to download Dr. Albrecht's comprehensive 52-page overview of the studies, "Microchip-Induced Tumors in Laboratory Rodents and Dogs: A Review of the Literature 1990-2006," and to review scanned copies of the original documents. Part of the several questions the document address is the “much ado about nothing” issue. Two interesting instances in the US Congress were cited:

First U.S. Senator Joe Biden, was quoted as having told Justice John Roberts during his Supreme Court Confirmation hearings on September 12, 2005:
"Can a microscopic tag be implanted in a person's body to track his every movement? There's actual discussion about that. You will rule on that, mark my words, before your tenure is over."

Also Senator Arlen Spector, according to the Congressional Record affirmed that “President Uribe [of Colombia] said he would consider having Colombian workers have microchips implanted into their bodies before they are permitted to enter the United States to work on a seasonal basis….”

So far, the work of Albrecht, particularly the publication by the Associated Press last September of research linking the implantable microchip to cancer, has had considerable impact on Verimed’s public image and its financial performance. According to Albrecht, “The same company that once predicted revenues in the "billions" earned just $3,000 from its microchip implant operations in the first quarter of 2008, as patients shun the device that many are now calling the "cancer chip."

Investors have also distanced themselves from the failing company, with VeriChip's stock plummeting from a high of $10.62 last year to just over $2.00 today.” To date, Verimed admits only about 600 people have been chipped in the US, though Caspian feels up to 2000 people outside the US might have received one.

However, what may not be freely said is that those who are bankrolling the whole enterprise are really not after profit; but public control. Once the current basic microchips are accepted for implantation, more sophisticated ones (such as those demonstrated by Prof Kevin Warwick of Cyberneutics department, University of Reading) which have thoughts control capacity, could be introduced leading eventually to the mark of the beast predicted in the Bible for the end times (see Rev. 13:16)

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