Friday, November 16, 2018

Donning the Hijab – Priviledge, Blackmail, or Threat?

Mainly in the western world, the mainstream media and Islamic supremacist groups are constantly preoccupied with the supposed plight of women who are denied their much-desired “right” to wear hijab. But as we showed in our detailed write-up a few years ago (see here), the main pushers for this “right” often turn up to be aggressive men who to all intents and purposes only want to tag their female-folks for the purpose of more effective control

The women who are compelled to don the same suffocating attire in all weather, day and night, certainly
 don’t feel as enthusiastic! However, in many situations, they simply have no choice.

For instance on some campuses in Northern Nigeria, it is understood that the hijab provides a ready ID
that can save the female moslem in case of some supposedly spontaneous Islam-engineered massacres.
In other places such as Gaza in the Middle-East, women are compelled to put on the hijab, whereafter 
they are deployed as disposable pawns in the ongoing political intrigues in the region.

The most recent case in Nigeria is the indefinite closure of the International School, University of Ibadan
, Ibadan (see here). Here, we have a private school funded strictly by the Parents, having a Moslem 
lawyer as the chairperson of the Parents-Teachers Association (PTA), and another distinguished Moslem
 as the Chairman of its governing Board; yet some Islamists claim Moslems are being denied their
 fundamental human rights to attend school in hijab!  Thank God for a clear statement from the PTA
 denouncing such moves. Similarly, Lagos state has suddenly decided (mid-November 2018) that while 
waiting for the case pending in the courts to be resolved, the status-quo to maintain is that students 
should be free to wear the hijab to school!

Whereas the mainstream media are quick to advocate for the so-called hijab-denied women, they turn 
blind eyes to the several other cases where women simply want to be left to choose whether to put
on the hijab or not. Tunisian Moslem women are an example of people who successfully resisted the 
male chauvinists. 
The Iranians were not so successful. Shown in the picture was the gathering of more than 100,000 
Iranian women from all works of life, on 8th March 1979.  They were protesting the then new Islamic
government’s ruling that women must put on a headscarf whenever they are away from home. 
The hijab has since become standard feature in Iran; and recently, an Indian athlete preferred
to withdraw from a competition in Iran rather than put on a hijab.  This remains the true response of 
Moslem women wherever they have the freedom to truly express themselves 

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